Something is wrong with my coconut oil!

Hello everybody,

I finally bought a coconut oil and I was so excited to use it, the taste and smell is great but my problem comes when i blend it to make a smoothie - its not eatable!! It tastes like old dried coconut flesh - something like vomit (Im not sure if that is correct word for what I mean I found it in dictionary ..)

Am I doing something wrong..? Or maybe its not quality coconut oil..? Thank you for any answer.


  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    ? Maybe it's clumping up as a result of the coldness of the smoothie and your blades aren't grinding it well?

    Only thing I can suggest is eating it alone or not in a smoothie if you do eat the oil!

  • If it tastes kind of like vomit, it sounds to me like it may have gone rancid...

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