Wheat grass and soil question.

MishimooMishimoo Raw Newbie

I am thinking of growing my own wheat grass, so I want to know:

How you guys grow your grass?

Do you need to use soil or is there an alternative? The last time I grew something indoors in a pot, the soil created bugs and it wasn't fun.

Can the grass be placed outdoors (I live in Seattle) in a balcony?

Does anyone know where to get good soil in the Seattle area and what type of soil should I use?

Looking forward to hearing from you :)...sorry about all my questions.


  • I purchase wheat grass growing in containers at my Whole Foods Store and allow it to grow outside... When I want to harvest it, with scissors I give it a hair cut like mowing the grass, so it will continue to grow...

    I believe it has more nutrients if grown in soil...

    I would think you could buy a bag of Organic Potting Soil most anywhere in Seattle, like Feed stores, Groceries stores or Wally World... smile

  • MishimooMishimoo Raw Newbie

    Thanks! I guess I'll just have to try it out in my balcony, I have a empty pot I used to grow basil and it infested my apartment with bugs...no clue why, but I think it was the soil because every time I watered my basil the bugs came back. So I placed the basil outside and it froze to death RIP.

    Now that it is warm outside, I think wheat grass can handle living outside with indirect light :).

    Is there a such thing as clean, organic, or pesticide free soil? I wonder if I would have o mail order it. Not sure if Home Depot would have what I need.


  • Yes you can buy Organic Soil in bags at most places that carry potting soil... Good luck with your grass... smile

    BTW, I'm following you on "T" and your website is incredible... Job well done!!!

  • Hey there I went to my local health food store to get my wheatgrass (hard winter wheat berries? I forget) to grow. They gave me thier extra trays that they used for wheatgrass after they were done with them. I use half peat moss and half organic compost for growing. I just mixed it together in one big bucket and use as needed.

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