Systemic Yeast Infection in my dog

I know lots of you out there are pet owners. And concerned about how to best treat your pets in the healthiest way possible. I have a little Westie/Yorkie/Poo mix.

She has just within the last two weeks started showing grey/blackish skin color where it was once pink. She also has pain in her hind quarters which keep her a little less active than normal. She is usually high energy and jumping all over the place. She is seven. I called my vet, but of course they require payment at the time of service, and I figure with all the testing they like to do they could run the bill up substantially and I would not be able to pay for the service at the time.

I have heard that extra-virgin coconut oil will help, changing her food from a grain based diet, give her plain yogurt, apple cider vinegar, etc.

What amounts of all this would I use? I am looking for something quick to start her on until I can find some enzymes and new food for her.

Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing. We need your help as soon as possible, as she is not feeling too well.

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  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie

    I would suggest transitioning to a raw meat diet. Grains are a foreign substance to dog's gastrointestinal systems and their GI tracks are way too short to handle them-- which can lead to a whole host of problems. If her little body is using up all of its energy to break down kibble other areas of the body that need tending are left alone... which can begin to really build up problems as the dog ages.

    Check out this website

    They can help you figure out what and how much to order and feed.

    poor little baby! Hope she gets better soon!!

  • Thank you Annabelle for the suggestion and the website. I will check into it. I have purchased a no-grain dog food with duck and potato, although I am not sure of the potato ingredient, but it should be better than the other food I was giving her. I also crushed up some acidopholis tabs and mixed it with some meat and extra virgin coconut oil. She does seem to be looking and feeling a little spunkier.

    Off to check this website you suggested.

    Thanks again,


  • Helped move me to a raw food diet for my Westies...and I have seen drastic changes and exceptional health for both since. Plus, I believe in osteopathy and chiropractic for my little girls and this helps immensely with all kinds of gastro, allergy, neuro and hip issues they used to have. B/c of their diet, we do not do heart worm, flea/tick meds. so my "vet" costs for a 14 year old and a 4 year old dog are less than $250 -300/year and then food. We do Primal organic raw for ease to me. Nature's Variety also good. Will need to add bones and chews for teeth if you cannot do the actual purchase of raw meat and bones and feed them that way yourself. I also had them on Ark Naturals oil and Avoderm when they dev skin allergies and I've got the elder on MSM, Condriton. We've stopped the oil and Avoderm and have zero issues now. Raw, Homeopathy, Osteopathy the way to go...less expensive, better quality of life for you and your dogs. A good holistic vet can also show you how to chip off plaque so you dont have to put dogs under for teeth cleaning...if you dont brush!

  • laurajlauraj Raw Newbie

    First of all, what makes you think she has a systemic yeast infection? Pain in hindquarters, less active, change in skin color...In my opinion, she should see the vet. You are the one who decides what tests your vet can run, what procedures he or she can do on your dog. If your vet is trying to perform a host of unnecessary tests and is money-hungry, find a different vet who cares about the animals more than the money. At 7 yrs of age, your dog should be examined if you are noticing she is having problems. The pain in her legs, for one thing. A veterinarian can often ease your dog's pain by diagnosing and prescribing medication, food or supplements. I worked many years as an assistant in an emergency animal clinic as well as have been through A LOT of good and bad experiences with many different veterinarians and my own animals and those I've rescued. I have a GSD with severe hip displaysia. She is on chondroitin, sam-e, vit e,c esters. I would not have known how to help her if not for my vet. Her exercise regimen is different, too, and I now know the things I should and should not do. My previous 8.5 yr old GSD had lymphoma. I wish I had known sooner to help with her pain management. My point is, take her to the vet, as you cannot diagnose your dog yourself and should not. She is a senior in age and thus you must be more aware when she is having a problem and take her in annually or when she needs to go. That is your responsibility and duty to your dog. Do not watch your dog suffer pain and loss of normal function and vitality while she goes downhill. She deserves better. Take her to the vet.

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