Wheat Grass

Where do I store it? I bought a whole flat.




  • I stick mine in a window (pretty sunny), water and trim as needed!

  • Thanks Hannah! I thought I was being so economical buying a whole flat. turns out it's huge when you get it home:)



  • MishimooMishimoo Raw Newbie

    Grow your own :)! I am growing two trays of it and it only cost me a like five bucks! I do not have a green thumb, but in only three days of growing on my city apartment I have little grass thingies poking out of my trays. I am looking forward to juicing my wheat grass on my new Omega 8006 YAY!

    I have read that you can only trim them not more than twice, since the second growth is less nutricious than the first. Also, trim them as close to the roots as possible to get the maximum nutrition.

  • Sort of a silly question, but what are you growing your wheatgrass in, Mishimoo?

    I have NO green thumb! :)

    I live in apartment with two cats, and I see you have a cat in your avatar: does your cat try to eat the wheatgrass? Is it okay for them to eat if they do? Thanks!

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