how can i eat barley?

hello all, this is my first post. I am extremely new to the raw thing, so new that I'm not even sure what percantage raw i am, or if i will ever be able to attain the 100% raw status. My reason for increasing my consumption of raw and for decreasing consumption of cooked is for health reasons.

i have a bunch of regular barley in my cupboard, the kind that is supposed to simmer for about 45 minutes before you eat it.

i am wondering if it is a good idea or a bad idea to just soak it for maybe 24 hours and then drain it and then just eat it.

any constructive advice would be appreciated. I have been "lurking" on these forums for a while and have seen many helpful discussions, so i am hoping that I can benefit from so much sharing of ideas.

thank you!


  • canoes Don't know why you would want to consume barley... Grains just don't usually fit with the raw diet, IMHO that is... smile

  • I think I heard/read that you can sprout barley.

    I've used sprouted wheat groats in recipes, so I guess barley should be fine to sprout and use as well...

  • schmoopeeschmoopee Raw Newbie

    Here's instructions:

    fyi,,,you can't sprout pearled barley because it's been steam processed.

    good luck!

  • thanks for the feedback and information, very helpful!

    i have so much to learn about raw! And this will be good place to keep studying!

  • Barley Grass is one of the most highly alkaline foods you can eat.

    I would highly recommend sprouting your seeds.


  • I actually just made barley oatmeal today! I sprouted the barley first. Then this morning, I threw the sprounted barley (about a cup) in my Blendtec along with a whole banana, one date (pitted), some water, rice milk (not raw so you may either want to use all water or homemade nut milk for a creamy texture) and cinnamon. Blend that all together until you get the consistency you want, adding whatever liquid you choose along the way. It came out nice and thick with the perfect amount of chunkiness!!

    Welcome to the raw lifestyle!!! Just have fun with your recipes and enjoy!!! =)

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