Does anyone know how to make Raw Vanilla from the bean??

Hi I really would like to know how to make my own vanilla from the vanilla bean I know you can Im just not sure How :)

Please Im up for a lesson on how!



  • Never mind I found out how!! jUst so anyone else may want to know... for a quart you split 6 vanilla beans and place them in a quart jar then add vodka and let it sit for four weeks or three beans per one pint!! Anyways just wanted to share!!

    Or go to this website and they have all you need to do this yourself

    10,000 Blessings

  • QTLaylaQTLayla Raw Newbie

    Hi ChristianMom

    I just posted an answer on twitter... but here it is: Let vanilla beans air dry for a day or so, then grind them in coffee grinder & use the powder... presto...raw vanilla! And this is raw vanilla as opposed to using distilled liquor which would technically not be raw. Since vanilla extract is usually used in such small amounts many raw folks still use it... it all depends on how strictly raw you are!!

    LRoderiguesND (on twitter)

    QTLayla (here)

  • Thank You

  • QTLayla Tried ot find you on twitter but no luck...

    Is this the exact spelling??? LRoderiguesND

    Hope to see you there... smile

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    thats actually really easy! i thought it was going to be much much harder, thanks :)


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    there is a way to do it without vodka or alcohol. just use vanilla beans and water, blend up. it's called "liquid vanilla".

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