Raw Smothered Cheese Fries!!??

Alright y'all I've got a challenge that I'd like to extend to all of you. My friends and I were at Denny's last night and we had ordered Smothered Cheese Fries. Yes, I ate a few, I'm not 100% raw, or at least not yet. But, sticking to the point here: my friend said to me "Hayley, if you can come up with a raw version of Smothered Cheese Fries that I actually like, I will go raw with you." This is following a very, very successful venture in developing a Raw spinach dip that this same friend raved about, so he is certainly able of being convinced. I've got the ranch dressing covered, but I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how to possible create something like french fries, a cheesy topping, and possibly even a bacon substitute. Any suggestions would help! Thanks.


  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Try an Advanced Recipe Search. There are recipes on Gone Raw for FRIES . . . sweet potatoes and jicima come to mind; BACON . . . using eggplant, to name one variation; and numerous recipes for CHEESE . . . from a velveeta type to cream cheese and everything in between.

    Here's a sample, just to get you started, but do try the search. There are "oodles" more on the site.

    Fries: http://www.goneraw.com/node/12453

    Cheese: http://www.goneraw.com/node/12453

    Bacon: http://www.goneraw.com/node/10583

    I look forward to reading of your adventures and ultimate success . . . and the challenge is on. Good luck!

  • Thanks so much! Will do so soooon!!

  • I like to dip julienned jicama into a nutritional yeast dip. it's just red star nutritional yeast, salt and water. I don't know if this will "turn" your not-yet raw friend, though.

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    For the fries you can do jicama or something I am not to aware of a fry substitute that is close to the real thing for the cheese macadamia or cashew cheese would be yummy and for the bacon you have got to do Brigitte Mars young coconut bacon it is young coconut meat marinated in a mix of maple syrup, smoke flavoring, salt pepper, nut. yeast, dehydrate till desired texture. I know its not 100 percent raw but you said you werent following that. When your in transition and also trying to get other people interested this bacon is a hit.

    Good luck on your journey

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