ARGH...another crappy eating day...actually week :(

AVLAVL Raw Newbie

I'm just venting again, because people around me don't understand.

I'm doing 80/10/10 and I've been pretty good with it, no cravings, no "cheating", going very smoothly. But this week was different, I've been totally off at night. Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks, and even part of my dinner are great, perfect 100%, no problem. All fruit and greens.

The problem comes after that, when I am craving starchy foods. I am eating enough fruit during the day, so that's not the problem. And it's not like I'm really bingeing on the "crap", but it feels like it because I'm not used to eating that stuff anymore. It's not even like I'm eating foods that normal people would label as bad. These would actually been labelled as healthy for the majority of SAD eaters.

Here are some of the things that I've had this week (not all in the same day, but in the past 6 days):

-bread (maybe 4 slices)


-dry mango (a few slices)

-granola with carob chips (handful)

- 3 flatbreads with almond butter


-a few squared of dark chocolate

-1 muffin

-10 regular chips

-1 bagel

-1 Tbsp Nutella (on the bagel)

I know that it's not even that bad in terms of food choices, and I had small quantities, so logically I know that it's no big deal, but in my head I feel out of control. I really need to get back on track. My mom just doesn't understand, she's like "what are you talking about, you are eating so healthy, don't worry about it"

Don't feel like you have to reply, I just needed to get it out of my system.


  • erinerin Raw Superstar

    Hey AVL, I think we all know the feeling, or at least most of us do. To me when I eat things that I don't want to eat, it's not so much about what I'm eating, but more about the feeling of being out of control like you said. Then the feeling of being out of control makes me angry with myself because i slipped off my eating plan, etc. Then there is the guilt, and bla bla bla. Well I have suffered with this most of my life mainly, I think, because my mother does the exact same thing.

    Recently I have been doing a lot of yoga which has really helped me a lot. It has taught me to accept myself exactly where I am (even if I just overate and feel tired and heavy) and to move through my problems instead of trying to avoid them. Also it has taught me to love and nourish myself. So now when I overeat or eat something that I feel I shouldn't have, it is much easier to say, okay, I overate and I can't change that, I just have to accept it and remember this feeling when I want to do it again next time. I feel that by not beating myself up after a little slip up I have decreased the amount of slip ups that I have.

    Yoga has also helped me with that "out of control" feeling. It has helped me be more conscious in my daily choices and situations. And it also helps when I feel myself wanting to go off track, I can do yoga or do deep breathing and it brings a sense of calm and relaxation to me which helps me make better food choices.

    One more thing that I have found helps-- when I just want to eat something so bad I can't stand it, I go for a walk for 15-30 minutes and by the time I'm done I usually don't want whatever it was I was craving to begin with. So I think it helps to change your surroundings and just do something different to distract yourself.

    Hope that helps, good luck!

  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    Thanks Erin! I know what you mean when you said that if you just accept it and you don't beat yourself up over it you have less slip ups. I found the same thing works for me. If I only have these slip ups once in a while I don't seem to be too bothered by it, but when it's 6 days in a row it's more difficult.

  • erinerin Raw Superstar

    I know that feeling too haha. You may want to look into EFT and polarity reversal. It's when the energy poles in our bodies which causes problems such as continued failure on something that you want to do better at and plan to do better at. There are very simple techniques to "unreverse" your polarity. Check it out here: You can also do a google search for EFT and polarity reversal to find more information. The best EFT website I have found is

    If you aren't familiar with EFT, it is a quick and easy technique that you can do in 1 minute that opens energy meridians in your body which clears any problems you are having emotionally/mentally which correlates to physical problems. It is based on the fact that all negative emotions (read: any problem you have) are caused by blocked energy and so by getting your energy flowing you get rid of the negative emotions and therefore rid of your problems also.

  • I know exactly how you feel. I've been 99% raw for the past week but i feel SO bad because I had a little bit of regular dressing on my salads. An organic one at that. lol It's just a phycological thing.

  • Even right now. I'm having a young coconut for breakfast & raw almonds...but my almonds were not soaked, so i feel like I'm eating a cheeseburger

  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    Ha Ha that's so funny, but I feel the same about little things like that too. I'm sure people think we are nuts!

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    i'm starting to feel like other people are nuts for eating "SAD" food diets. I wonder if the what is now bad used to be good, is just a way of our body telling us we're changing, and we're getting more sensitive, and we can't go back. AVL, i think that when you get to a point where you feel like --this is your life, this is what you eat, so you know in your brain "i'm a raw food eating vegan" not just "i'm on this diet" and really believe in being a raw food eating vegan... , and that you're not cheating, and being 'bad' or somehow inherently a flawed person for eating a bagel, you're just indulging because you want to. If you're indulging because of your emotions, then the issue is to deal with the emotions, not dealing with the "cheating", because that's not the core issue. when you deal with your heart, and your emotions, the eating, and cheating will take care of themselves. Because you'll know that even though you ate that bagel you're still a raw food eating vegan.

    p.s. this would be under the assumption that you are comfortable with not being 100% raw food vegan.

    i'm not 100%, i feel fantastic, and i'm entirely happy with where i am in my raw food journey.

    p.s.s. i ate 2 slices of swiss cheese today with my raw lunch ;P they were delicious. A few days ago I ate 4 slices of swiss cheese, and my tummy wasn't happy. I listened to my body, and adjusted accordingly :) accepting oneself for who you are is a huge hurdle to surpass, but once you do, your life will never look the same.. i know.. i've been there. Good Luck!

  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    Thanks luxdivon, you are right I really need to work on my emotional eating, that's where the problem is. I know that it's ok for me to have certain cooked items once in a while, and that I'm not cheating. I just need to get past the "all or nothing" mentality.

    p.s. swiss cheese is really good!

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