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Curly Hair Issues

Hi Everyone,

I have extremely thick curly hair and I want to move away from conventional hair product I can't find a good subsitute. For years I used a ton of gel in my hair. Thankfully, I have been gel free for a few months now!! But i still use a serum in my hair (http://www.sallybeauty.com/Olive-Shine-Serum/SBS-425025,default,pd.html). I wash my hair about once every week with Dr. Bonners and rinse it everyday. I have a strong feeling that the serum is causing some of my facial acne (i dont get red pimples just little skin colored bumps and blackheads) But i dont know what else to use. I have tried olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil. All of them are too liquiding to keep my hair together and i look like a human Q-tip when i use them(right now my hair is a little pass my ears).

I am open to any suggestions!!! Any oils or maybe some product that isnt completely horrible for me. Thanks!!!


  • Try nothing!

    I've also got curly hair, and started out trying to work with just baking soda and apple cider vinegar...but they were really a huge pain in the butt.

    What I ended up with was a good detangling comb and a boar bristle brush. I detangle my hair each morning, then give it a number of good strokes (not 100 like they used to say, but maybe half that) from scalp to ends. When in the shower, I just rub well with my fingertips, and flip it upside down and detangle again on the way out of the shower (so my curls aren't pulling down, you know).

    I've been doing this since the middle of May, with no problem. No bad smell, my hair is very shiny and soft, and it REALLY keeps the curls better than when I used to shovel the product on it. Greasy hair hasn't been a factor since the first couple of weeks that I used the baking soda...not that it was because of the baking soda, but because my hair was getting used to no product.

    Side note: I have used hairspray (and mean the BAD, 24-hour hold stuff) a couple of times for special occasions. The next day, I washed my hair with my regular bar body soap (natural tea tree oil, nothing fancy) and had no problems with rinsing it or excess oil.

    Good luck!

  • I do NOT have thick curly hair, but my best friend is a hairdresser. I remember her mentioning to me once about a young customer she had. Her mother would bring her in every few months to get it cut up shorter. My friend had said how she would gently mention each time that if she just let it grow out more it would weigh the curls down more and actually keep it under control more. I don't know if growing your hair out more would help. Just thought I would mention it.

  • I have extremely curly, thick biracial hair...i hardly ever wash my hair with shampoo, and tend to opt for more conditioning rinses. After i have "rinsed" my hair, i spray on a lot of my own hair serum which is based on aloe vera gel, water and avocado oil. I just mix it all up in a pump spray can and spray away.. other than that, I occasionally also leave thick conditioners in my hair after i have rinsed it. Choose an organic conditioner which is heavy and with a significant amount of shea butter in it, for example. Hope that helps...

  • I have very curly thick hair. what i do sometimes is let it air dry, put a little bit of avocado oil in it. then i take a hair curler and do a few chunks to make it nice & wavy. Pretty quick & easy.

  • I LOVE MY CURLS!! haha it took years to love it, but I'm glad I finally do!

    I have a book titled "curly girl" by a hairdresser. Anyway, because of it I never shampoo, and I never need it. I usually just rinse it in the shower, and after drying it a little bit with my towel I scrunch natural conditioner in and leave it for the day. It keeps it nice and soft, and in place. I used to use gel when I was younger but I never need it. Conditioner works great!

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    WORD. Ditto Chattanoog - google curlygirl method. I'm doing a variation of it (although my hair is straight) to try to get some body into it. Basically you stop using any products with sulfates or silicones (which no one should be using anyway, including anything ending in -xane), and use shampoo very sparingly/infrequently on your scalp only. You use a conditioner to wash your hair as needed.

    Wait, here's the link


    I know your goal is to use more natural hair care, but this could be a good transition.

  • JDJD

    I don't know if you have heard of Devashan http://www.devaconcepts.com/ but they are completely educated on how to handle curly hair (any curly hair) and many times it boils down to the RIGHT HAIRCUT. I wound up with them because I had a TON of long curly hair that no one would cut into because they were afraid of what my hair would do and that was a lot of hair to mess up on (long and BEAutiful). If you are located near one, they give a mean cut and educate you on how to handle your hair. If you are not near one I would still recommend going to a strictly curly hair salon.

    Devashan has their own line of products (thought you seem to be wanting away from that) one of which is a No Poo (you can review the ingredients-I'm not using it). They tell their clients to No Poo but not the way people No Poo on this forum. They have their own which cuts out the shampoo ingredients so your hair doesn't soap up. Since curly hair is naturally dry to begin with we should not be shampooing our hair. They are also big fans of do not disturb the curl. Set it and forget it type. Works for me but I still blow dry here and there. I can say this though, with this hair cut I do not have to blow dry...my curls fall right into place! I'm currently trying their AnGel but not really thrilled with it and didn't bother looking into the ingredients. Prior to this I used Aubrey B5 Design Gel (love it).

    OK so what's my point...consider a curly cut. They make life much easier and then try picking your products accordingly.

  • I have thick and straight/slightly wavy hair and haven't used any product in my hair (other than getting it colored) for about ten years. I still have the same problem. What my stylist told me to do was to always wash hair in cold water. Shower in warm water first if you want, but then wash in cold water. It seems to have worked wonders for me


  • ras-saadonras-saadon Raw Newbie

    I'm sorry if this question seems foolish but I can't really understand whats the problem.. you have curly hair and...? is the fact that its curly that's the problem? your looking to get it straighten?

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