Anyone got a good treatment for diarrhea?

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I have somewhat of a sensitivity to fat, too much of it and my poop's go liquid, to cut a long story short, I ate wayyy too much fat 2 days ago and now for the last 2 days I have diarrhea, a bit of cramps and lots burps(not sure if thats the right words but gas's coming out through the mouth), since then I ate almost only fruits&greens, hardly touched any fatty food, its a bit better now but its still there and still very bothering, anyone got any good&effective treatment for diarrhea?



    raw bean! just one or 2 max! take it like a pill!

  • Hm... just noticed this is from last year, but I'll leave up my answer for others.

    Raw carob will help. Maybe two tablespoons carob powder in a nut milk or coco water, if you're avoiding nuts for fat content. Twice a day would probably be a therapeutic enough dose. Also consider a colonic. Might sound counter-intuitive but it will wash you clean much faster, which is what your body is trying to do anyway. Good luck!

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