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3 day Watermelon Juice Fast!

luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

Hey everybody,

me and my fiancee are doing a 3 day watermelon fast! We'll let you know how it goes. Join in if you like!


  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    ok day one was alright, i didn't have to work. my skin seemed clearer as the hours went by. I got tired, more tired than the master cleanse, and took one nap. This morning, good bm. had to work today. more tired, but much more out of it. I brought 64 oz of watermelon juice. Apparently that isn't enough. I caved at lunch time, and bought a PRO BAR. continued drinking all except one glass of the watermelon juice (by the end of the day it didn't taste good anymore) I also drank almost two whole quarts of water to go with it. My rosacea is still as bad as it usually is. I had an on and off again headache all day. When i moved a certain way, and especially when I squatted to pick something up, my head would instantly throb. Luckily it wasn't all the time, just at moments. My legs are also very tight right now, almost feel like they are cramping. My tongue is coated, a sign of detox. I imagine I will be going to sleep soon. I'm not sure i can take it one more day. I wish it was thursday, that's when my days off start. We started on Monday because my fiancee works on the weekends, so still doing it on Friday was a no-go. Maybe i can make it one more day.

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    Today was day 3. For the most part easy sailing. I took a whole big container of cut watermelon pieces and ate that for lunch, and it helped immensely. I was doing well, but then still caved at 6pm at work. I think it was more emotional than actual need based this time. I had a probar again. I feel much more energetic tonight, as last night I was asleep by 10pm, and got a good 11 hours of sleep. And tomorrow I eat normal again. yay! first thing on the list.. coconut water.. yum. i was hoping my rosacea would see the light of day, but no.. i think i want to do a full on parasite cleanse to make sure it's not some other kind of bugger....i just think it has to be something not natural in my system that is causing it, and if i can just figure it out, then I can heal my face.

  • mdcmdc

    Rosacea - I have it, too. I have recently been using Braggs ACV in the morning and extra strong green tea in the evening as an astringent. I've been applying them with a cotton ball. I shower 10-15 minutes after applying the ACV in the a.m.--smelling like a tossed salad isn't appealing. Even the cat thinks I smell gross. :) For the green tea, I put 2 bags in 6 oz of boiled water and let them steep until the cup was cool. I bottled some of it and put it in the fridge. I suppose I could have just let it sit like sun tea, but I have a vague, unverified memory of heat releasing more of the antioxidants in the tea.

    I'm still seeing redness, but the little bumpies are mostly gone so I don't look like a 50+ w/ acne. Just kinda looks like I got too much sun.

    For me, I notice my rosacea gets worse if I get hot and sweaty. I read that people who have rosacea have a higher percentage of skin mites (ick! ick! ick!) than people without rosacea and it is thought that perhaps the mites are clogging the pores.

    If you ever figure it out, please do share!

  • rawsaysritarawsaysrita Raw Newbie

    I've done a three day watermelon cleanse before. I did not juice it...I just ate it. I think since watermelon goes straight through me the added fiber was important in making my cleanse successful. Maybe next time you could try that and it will help you stick to it! Congrats on making it though, good luck with the rosasia, be patient!

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    mdc, i will definitely let you know! I have one theory right now. One is some kind of parasite/mite/bug, like you said... so i'm gonna get some de-parasite herbs to see what that does. I really honestly believe it has to be something inferior in the skin disrupting it. It has to be for a reason. Either metal/bug/or Genetic code. who knows.

    rawsaysrita - thanks! i'll keep that in mind next time.

  • I realize this is an older thread but just for future knowledge..

    it takes men 11 days of just watermelon to achieve the equivalent of a woman eating nothing but watermelon for three days. what a "sweet" deal for us girls! :)

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