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eye parasite



  • andreiyoandreiyo Raw Newbie

    My ophthalmologist don't viewed nothing. I was to two ophthalmologist and nothing.

    I will search to until i will found an solution.

  • I have been struggling with Tapeworm Migration for almost a year now....11 Doctors, all either referred me to counseling, or politely asked me to leave office (after a couple of giggles from staff) after which I received voicemail that I had been "released" as their patient....lol All I do is go to doctor, explain that my partially paralyzed 18 yr old dog has been treated for Tapeworms 3 times in the last year, I take total care of her start to finish everyday...I show them my white dots all over my body, point out the bulging areas of my face, including around my eyes, two horrible ulcers that change in appearance from day to day, and then the whole horrible circle starts again....same old lines. No Doctor has ever offered a test, no cultures ever taken, no samples collected...lol Its unreal....Everytime I take my dog to the vet, he asks me, "When are you going to get those ulcers on your face looked at ?" He doesnt believe me when I tell him what I have gone through....Its horrible. I have seen 3 Dermatologists, 4 ER Docs (was last resort - never prescribed any meds), Primary Physician, 2 Infectious Disease Docs, and last but not least my Ophthalmologist, Phd who claims that although he doesn't feel I have any parasite in my eyes, I have developed cataracts and glaucoma in the last year....Never - Ever even required glassses before this mess....now I have to wear TRI-FOCALS !!! The vet last week suggested that I specifically look for a Parasitologist at a Major Hospital - So I finally got an appt for end of April at major hospital on the East Coast....I am praying that he can help. My Primary has been most caring, totally honest about not being familiar with parasites, but gives me B-12 shots every 3 weeks as my levels were bottomed out when they did routine bloodwork. I can always order the meds online...but many have told me they are toxic and if you do have to take them you should definitely be monitored by a Physician. Any other suggestions ???? Any would be appreciated !!!

  • Wow. Just....wow.

    Did ANY of you ever think that it may not be parasites, but floaters instead?


  • How do you get a parasite in your eye:o it looks painful. Is it inside your eyeball? or outside of it

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    BevFromJersey - I HIGHLY recommend you stop wasting your time with western medicine doctors and find yourself a naturopathic doctor or someone that practices holistic medicine!!! These types of doctors are completely in tune with these types of things, and I can guarantee they will be much more willing to hear your story and work towards a cure. There are plenty of directories online to help you find a doctor in your area. And just a side note... having any type of parasite can wipe out your B vitamins!

    Here's a place to start your search http://www.naturopathic.org/AF_MemberDirectory.asp?version=2

    Look around online, there's all kinds of natural medicine associations that can provide you with a directory of practitioners.

    Good luck to you :)

  • mockingbirdmockingbird Raw Newbie
    andreiyo said:

    when you go to a doctor and you say " i see somethin that is float on my eye" the answer will be : Floaters

    I am sure are many person that realy have floaters

    In my case i think are parasite.

     I have them too, after head lice, then things moving around in my eye.

  • valeriepvaleriep Raw Newbie

    MSM powder is great as a safe solution for the eyes to kill parasites. Dilute 1/2 tsp of MSM in 1/2 oz of pure water.

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Are they bad parasites? We have a ton of microorganisms living on us at any given time. Most of them are harmless and too tiny to see without a microscope. 

  • brucedbruced Raw Newbie
    schoolmom said:

    I too have a parasite in my eyes. I see them swimming when I'm looking at the sky or diffused sunlight settings!!! Occasionally one will surface on my optic nerve (I'm guessing that's where), and I can see what it looks like. It's shaped like a football and lit around the edges. It swims across my vision just like a microorganism. I can see this even in a dark room. I don't need sunlight for when they do that. I have been SEARCHING and going to the doctor for answers. They think I'm crazy, but I know I'm not. I'm going to an infectious disease dr. in a couple of weeks. My regular doctor told me to "be ready". She said that the doc would laugh at me. We'll see what happens. Did you ever figure out what was in your eyes??? Or did you get rid of them? You are the only other person I have encountered having this. Incidentally I have pretty signifigant GI problems too, and was stool tested for parasites......that of course were negative!

  • brucedbruced Raw Newbie
    I have THE ANSWER AND SOLUTION FOR EYE PARASITES AND PARASITES IN GENERAL. ELECTRO THERAPY DEVICE,This works. I have had parasites almost my whole life, I'm 66, and I almost lost the battle 1 1/2 years ago .Herbs helped, but couldn't cover all the varieties I had. A friend told me about the ZAPPER and what it cleared in her body and how it cleared cancer for a young lady. PARASITES CAUSE CANCER. Everyone, THE WEBSITE IS HULDA CLARK ZAPPER. This is the center of the universe for thousands of medical problems people come down with. The parasites that were in my eyes are going away and I have had the zapper less than 3 weeks. This is the only means of reaching deep enough into the tissue to kill the parasites.
  • fayemissyfayemissy Raw Newbie
    glitter said:

    To answer your question, I don't believe the doctors can differentiate between the two. I too have had the experience of telling my doctor I see clear worms floating in the fluid of my eyes. He looked into my eyes and could not see them..of course! So I walked away never to return because now I felt he felt I was crazy. That was 10 years ago. I just noticed that I have what looks to be the shape of a worm in the white of my eye. Now it is really embarrassing to go to a doctor and say, 'hey could you pull this things you should have treated me for ten years ago out of my eye.' I still see the floater in the fluid. They start out as clear round minute circles thousands of them. They grow. As they grow they develope a darker center. After a while the center has a clear center. When the egg hatches transluscent worm emerges full of eggs. It will let go of the eggs and the process starts again. These worms look long clear thread. At times, they will be in a tangled mess. That is what catches my attention. When I move my eyes and they float by in a darker clump. There was also at the time I went to the doctor, a short clear floater that had a short body with lines and at the end of the body it narrowed off into a thin line. I would release eggs at the end of the narrow tail. Well, now I noticed it is a lot bigger and there are two others. These are in both eyes. My advice to anyone seeing floaters is not to believe what the doctor's say. They are light years behind when it comes to diagnosing parasites. Due to travel and immigration, we have issue that we didn't have fifty years ago. And we are only a safe as the water we drink and bath in. I have not idea when where or how I got whatever it is I have but now I to endure the challenges of irradicating it. I wrote this because from what I read there a lot of people suffering from the same things. Parasites are not a third world problem anymore and the CDC needs to step it a few notches.


  • girlggirlg Raw Newbie

    I was wondering if there was anyway to detox a parasite that is in my eye.

    I see it when I'm driving toward the sun. I see it moving. It is so gross.

    I was wonder if you guys know anyway to detox or kill it, and get it out of my body.


  • girlggirlg Raw Newbie
    edited February 2021
    I went to ER after squirming in my eyes for days. They claim to see no parasites, but I feel them, and some came out tear ducts. I found these eye drops and made them. They are distilled water, salt, and garlic. It burns, but 4 worms crawled out of my tear ducts within 5 minutes. I intend to keep using . Hope this helps some Google homemade Ayurvedic eye drops Http://ths.gardenwatch.com/discussions/2730965/homemade-ayurvedic-eyedrops
  • girlg said:
    I went to ER after squirming in my eyes for days. They claim to see no parasites, but I feel them, and some came out tear ducts. I found these eye drops and made them. They are distilled water, salt, and garlic. It burns, but 4 worms crawled out of my tear ducts within 5 minutes. I intend to keep using . Hope this helps some Google homemade Ayurvedic eye drops Http://ths.gardenwatch.com/discussions/2730965/homemade-ayurvedic-eyedrops

     You are braver than I am! Garlic must burn so much.

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