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Can't remember the last time I have had this, but now I got it...

valgal123valgal123 Raw Newbie

(This is graphic, and very embarrassing for me to admit)

The big D word. Yep, that's right, diarrhea. Before going raw my problem was constipation and was still suffering from it until recently. I've been raw for 5 months and the constipation cleared up quite a bit right away, but still wasn't perfect. And then I bought a six pack of Zevia ( a soda sweetened with stevia and erythritol) I was stupid, I didn't think anything of the erythritol. That sweetener gave me D even though it says that the sweetener doesn't, unlike the other sugar alcohols. Since then it hasn't been good, gradually getting worse. Now everyday what comes out is like water. I don't go a whole lot everyday, only about 3 times altogether. I feel pretty good except for the putrid gas that I can't keep in. I have had a problem with gas and bloating since I was 10 and this is one of the main reasons I went on the raw diet. I still have a lot of bloating, but can't figure out what the culprit is. Could be stress, fruit, fat, food combining, I don't know. Anyway, I don't want to go to the doc because I don't have the money and I know she will flip when she finds out the diet I'm on. I do have acacia fiber powder that I used to take for my constipation, but it works well for diarrhea and that made me constipated and gassy. What does everyone think? I know this is graphic, but I need help. Thanks

Oh and I don't have the money for colonics, nor do I want to. I hope it never comes to that!


  • RawEverythingRawEverything Raw Newbie

    There is junk in your body that needs to go, Diarrhea has it use.

    If your not hungry don't eat, drink water let your body heal it self.

    skip the stevia, acacia powder, erythritol, eat real food!

    Ofcouse my 2 cent 8).

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    for me- nothing stops me up faster than bread... but a better solution may be green smoothies. Theyve got tons of fiber to regulate and are easy on the digestion.

  • valgal123valgal123 Raw Newbie

    I agree, green smoothies are important, thats why I've been consuming them every morning for 4 years.

  • malchusmommalchusmom Raw Newbie

    Well,i used to be like that,i used to get bloated without eating any dairy product,beans used to give me a bad pain in my abdomen. About a month ago i did the 10 days"Master Cleanse" and on the 7th day parasites came out. I could not believe my eyes,i was i shock,i took a pic to show my husband that was not hone at the time.

    Amazingly for me my bloating is gone and now i know parasites were the cause of it.

  • wow malchusmom, how did yout know they were parasites?? what did they look like??

    i have the same issues and i have done master cleanse for five days but my support system quit, and circumstances made it impossible for me to continue at that time.... i would love to do it again, and i know i would finish it this time, but i would be curious what to look for? Thanks!

  • Valgal, I have a similar issue. I have been back and forth raw and back and forth vegan for the past couple years. I was doing great digestively until i did a cleans with a liver/gall flush after that I was as you put it 2 to 3 times a day watery stools, very irregular, gas bloat etc. I have also always had some sort of digestive issues. I think those epsom salts really messed me up. I have been living with this for about a year. Afraid to go to a doc and admit that I drank the Epsom Salts and fasted on juice( psyllium, herbs, and bentonite clay) for 14 days and did colonics. He'll almost def. day I destroyed all my good flora by doing that. Anyway. Now I have decided I have candida, based on research on the issue and symptoms. I started taking a candida clear (from NOW) supplement and digestive enzymes plus probiotics. This is supposed to restore the gut flora and get everything back in order. I am on the 3rd day of the supplements, I completely quit ALL sugars, all glutens and starchy veggies and any mold carrying foods. It seems to be helping but rebuilding is a slow process and can take 6 months of consistent work. I hope I can report back that this did the trick. I feel your pain!!! It's the pits not knowing why your digestion is a mess. I found you because I was looking up the safety of erythritol. Glad I saw this post, I'll be avoiding it! I do have stevia sometimes when I am completely desperate for a treat. Good luck!

    PS go look at Mountain Rose and check out herbs that help with digestion such as Oregon Grape Root, Black Walnut Hull, or any other herb for diarrhea; http://www.mountainroseherbs.com/search/search.php?refine=y&keywords=diarrhea&x=0&y=0

    Hope this helps :)

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