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Where to order pre-made raw foods (website)????


I was wondering if anyone orders pre made raw foods... such as breads, crackers, sweet snacks....etc.....

I bought some great raw crackers and goodies while I was in Atlanta but there's no where in Knox, TN that I know of to buy foods like this.... those foods sure made

traveling easier!!!

Also I would love keeping stuff like that around the house too... sometimes, (I freely admit), I just don't feel like making crackers or breads and such! (to busy, forgot to soak grains/nuts, to lazy!! lol!!) I need all the help I can get to stick with this well!!


  • ddigiacomoddigiacomo Raw Newbie

    I know awsomefoods.com has some good stuff. I have purchased it in whole foods before. The only thing is the shipping is EXTREMELY high.

  • I can't answer the question, but I noticed that you are in Knoxvegas and I am in Johnson City...not too many raw fooders around these parts! Iknow what you mean about not feeling like taking the time to make stuff, it can be a drain; but I do it because I haven't any other choice...

  • ddigiacomo, that is a GREAT sight! Thanks so much I will be giving their food a try. Ordering food does have high shipping ... on any site... and with this diet everything I eat seems expensive anyway.. even when I buy it right here! Nuts are high, organic veggies & fruits are high.. etc... eating all SAD was expensive to though cause I eat ALOT more sad food than raw so I guess it evens out.

    devausma , no their are not to many raw foodies here at all! I mean, as big as Knoxville is there is only one health food store... and its not great. I still have to order cacao and other 'superfoods' I like or go to ATL to get them on a 'stocking up' trip! lol!

    There is a cool little cafe downtown in a new yoga studio that has a few raw choices now!!! I find that exciting!

    Its called Glowing Body if you're ever in the area.. they are open 9am to 3pm. Its very good!

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I buy alot of things from Naturalzing.com. They have a huge variety of items, from staples and hard to find items to premade snacks and such. They are quick to respond and correct if there is a problem.

  • I order most of my supplies as well. Do you have an Earth Fare in K'ville? I used to drive to Asheville to shop there ,but they have recently opened up one in JC and as far as grocery stores go, it is pretty great!

    It is exciting to know that raw options are begining to sneak up in unexpected places. We frequently drive over to Asheville for lunch or dinner at " The Laughing Seed", they have a a great menu, with a decent variety of raw options, I would highly recommend it if you ever get over that way.

    BTW- i checked out your site and you have got some nice sewing projects going on! I sew as well, spent 10 years sewing costumes for the JC Ballet, but have been taking a break since my daughter graduated. I also have a son who is a musician, he is 16, playing mainly guitar, but also rocks out on the drums.

  • Thanks Daniefon! I'll check them out too!

    devausma, we do have an Earthfare.. but I'm ATL spoiled! lol!! so I don't really care for it... no dout its better than a food city though!

    I think Asheville is so pretty! We love going up there and will check out that restaurant next time we do! Thanx for the tip!

    I LOVE TO SEW! and I hardly ever meet anyone else who does around here! well, anyone who sews clothing (my fav thing to sew!) almost as rare as meeting someone who eats raw!

    My son (15) plays mainly guitar too!!! but also plays dulcimer and a little banjo... he wants a drum set!!! which scares me!!! lol!!

    wow! we've got a bit in common don't we?!

  • RawLibrarianRawLibrarian Raw Newbie

    I second Natural Zing. Huge selection of premade raw goodies, truly raw nuts, oils, etc. etc.

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