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I was wondering if you have read the Alissa Cohen's book : Living on Live Food?

If yes, is it THAT good as everybody say? I got into raw food by myself, should I read it?

If the answer is yes, do you know anybody who have a used version of this book and could send it to me (I'll pay for it)?

Thank you! :)



  • I have it and use it much less than other raw recipe books I own. I don't have anything against Alissa's philosophy or her recipes but the book is GINORMOUS and really cumbersome to use in a kitchen. If you get it, I'd recommend taking it to Kinko's and having them put a spiral binding in it so it will lie flat--it will make the book a lot easier to use.

    One reason so many people like it is that she spells out an entire eating plan for 4 weeks--shopping guide, menus, the works. It's a really good way for folks to get started, and if I am not mistaken, many (maybe most?) of the recipes in the 4 week plan don't require a dehydrator. However, you will need a dehydrator to make other recipes in her book.

    The first raw book I got was 'Raw food made simple for one or two people' by Jennifer Cornbleet. These aren't gourmet recipes, but they are quite simple, and they do not require a dehydrator or a high=speed blender--knives, a regular blender, and a food processor are all you need. I still use the recipes in it, as I find them quick and tasty, and I do not make 'gourmet' raw food on any sort of regular basis whatsoever. (I don't have a dehydrator, for one thing, and many of the gourmet raw recipes are quite high in fat and simply take too much prep time.)

    For nutritional info, I like Cherie Soria's 'Raw food revolution' and Brigitte Mars' 'Rawsome', as well as Gabriel Cousens' 'Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine'. All three books have tons of recipes, of course.

    Hope this was helpful.

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    for nutritional info i think the 80/10/10 diet is the only one people really need.

  • To each their own.

  • Alissa's book was my first raw book/cookbook. It is HUGE!! and its truly wonderful. ALL the stories in it are very inspirational. I liked reading about what led others to this lifestyle and how they ate. As for the 4 week plan in it, I started out with it and hated it... as I don't like many of her recipes at all. There's a couple of good deserts, thats about all I found tasty.

    But I would recommend it to anyone interested in the lifestyle...

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