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How do I make green smoothiers taste good?

Do you recognise this?

I've been trying green smoothies for a while now. But the aftertaste.... yuck. When they are not fresh anymore it is worse. I use water, 2 bananas, 1,5 cup other fruit like pinapple, mango, strawberry or blueberries. Then I add a handful of Kale. Or paksoy. Or lettuce. And I don't like it. I try to. I say to myself it is nice. But there is always that aftertaste. I live in the Netherlands and these greens are the only ones to get organic in Winter. Or endives but that is so bitter. And i've tried green cabbage. Soooo bad :(

I use coconut to make it better, but it does'nt really work. I've tried liquid stevia but that also has an aftertaste. Maybe I have really sensitive taste buds. Does anyone know a solution?

thx Belinda


  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    mmm your combination sounds good to me.

    i always add a packet of organic stevia, that helps for me. i would also try maybe suggest adding an apple for sweetness, or perhaps nix the kale (i always find thats a wee bit to bitter for me!)

    i hope i helped a little, and that you can figure it out your perfect green smoothie combo soon!


  • Victoria Boutenko has tons of recipes that are delicious!!!! Recommend her books,etc. the Boutenko family is amazing! I am getting into wild edibles and adding dandelions with blueberries to a smoothie of kale and pineapple is yummy! spinach is surprisingly good too when mixed with blueberries...

  • have you tried different thicknesses? i find that i dislike thicker green smoothies, but if they're thinner (add more water) then i like them better. i usually do a combo like the one you described - 1-2 bananas, 1c other fruit (berries!!), some kale.

  • have you tried different thicknesses? i find that i dislike thicker green smoothies, but if they're thinner (add more water) then i like them better. i usually do a combo like the one you described - 1-2 bananas, 1c other fruit (berries!!), some kale.

  • Dancin DurianDancin Durian Raw Newbie

    I drink one every day, and fresh lemon juice, and even the zest always cuts right through any bitterness! I also like to add stevia. Then it just tastes like sweet, fresh and zinggy lemon!

  • Yep, I also add some lemon (1/2-1) and it takes away the "green" taste (I read about that in one of Natalia Rose's books I think) It really works, as long as your kale isn't TOO bitter in the first place.

  • Okee thanks! Lemon it is! I will try this saturday. I will also try variations in thickness. Thanks everybody!

  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    I don't like the aftertaste of stevia either. I use a squirt of agave myself. I know there's debate as to whether it's really raw. But, I figure if it makes the difference whether I look forward to my green smoothie or dread it, then it's worth it to me! :) One of my favorite combos is banana, pineapple, and spinach. I have MS, so the anti-inflammatory properties of the bromelain in fresh pineapple is *really* good for me. :)

  • Um, when I first tried green smoothies,I too was discouraged. BUT!!! Make it simple!! My green smoothies are as easy as this: 3 oranges, and a lot of spinach until the taste is just right OR one whole pineapple and a lot of spinach until the taste is just right. Just mix what you love to eat on its own! Mix your favorite green and your favorite fruit! It's simple, and it NEVER fails. I don't add sweetener or anything else to it because it already tastes so perfect.

  • The RawtarianThe Rawtarian Raw Superstar

    That's funny. The one thing I can't stand in a smoothie is oranges! It must be the pulp, and the fact that I don't have a high-powered blender.. :)

    My standard smoothie is water, romaine lettuce, a banana, half an apple, and some cinnamon and chia seeds if I want to fancy it up a bit. I love this, and my husband likes it too.

  • I have the same problem, Belinda. Mine were completely gross. I'd never followed a recipe, but still, gross. Today I made one that was AMAZING though. I blended raspberries and bananas first, THEN started adding spinach a little at a time, tasting it as I went. Once I got to the point where I could almost taste too much spinach, I stopped. It went from bright pink to a sort of puke-green colour but it tasted nice.

    Maybe you could try that--start with a fruity base that tastes nice, and then start adding your greens in small increments until you find your 'green threshold'.

  • Cabbage does not go well with fruit (bad food combining). It's leafy greens you want to use. Try adding dates as they tend to compensate for the bitter/grassy tastes of the greens. I just soak some overnight so they blend well in my morning smoothie.

  • i've tried the lemon and it was really good. Then i tried adding dates, and that worked as well! When I used too much lemon, the dates took away the strong taste. Good that they also cover the bitter taste. i will work further on this. Also I used spinach instead of kale.

    Coming week; more experiments!!!! I'll keep you informed. Thanks so much for the tips. Will try orange+spinach. Can't find organic romaine.

    I will definitely Never use cabbage again!

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    Use spinach instead of Kale. Kale is the problem :) I juice it sometimes, but i HAVE to drink the juice immediately or it smells and tastes gross! Montel Williams has a nice green smoothie. Spinach, Apple, Mango, Banana and some other things. I like to add water if i'm using banana or it gets too thick for me. Spinach is a great green to make smoothies out of - it breaks up nicely and there's hardly any green taste! Don't give up!!! OH, and I love pears in my smoothies!

  • I find stevia has an after taste I use dates or Agave


  • If you see it, baby spinach has a very mild flavor. My smoothies are usually 1 banana, 1 to 1.5 cups of other fruit and 0.5 pound of baby spinach. I use a frozen banana for frothy creaminess and there is no offputting green taste, at least to me. I've tried and enjoyed the following fruit add-ins: 1 cup frozen blueberries OR 1 cup watermelon OR 0.75 watermelon plus 0.75 papaya plus 0.5 lime... I like the bananas frozen ripe, but not too ripe. I will soon try mango and apple. I like to use cheaper fruit for smoothies.

  • This is how I make my green smoothies in the morning and I am addicted!

    I just about 2 cups of apple juice then transfer it to the blender where I add

    1-2 bananas

    1/2 cup mango


    2 handfuls of baby spinach

    flax seeds and chia seeds

    then to sweeten you could do agave or honey if you do honey and just blend it up

    I've got everyone at my mom's work hooked on them.

    hope it helps :D

  • I will buy spinach if i find it organic, but as winter comes it will be expensive i think. That is why i tried kale. Will try it again with dates plus citrus though!

  • When good tomatoes are available, I make a very spicy tomato juice cocktail with a bit of lime and blend with greens.

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