Dehydrating Potatoes and Garlic

Has anyone dehydrated potatoes to make "raw" potato chips? I just a dehydrator but don't want to waste potatoes if it won't work or taste good :)

Also, has anyone dehydrated garlic to grind up for seasoning? If so, how did it go?



  • KazzieKazzie Raw Newbie

    There is a recipe on here for potato chips, I have done it lotsof times and they are really yummie. You have to soak the thin cut spuds in cider viniger overnight then rinse and rub in a little oil, then put in the dehydrator. Yum. Some of my SUK friends didn't know they where raw.

  • I just made some the other day, they were amazing! All I added was a bit of salt, but I think if you add some herbs/a bit of spices/ a sprinkle of oil they will be even better! Thats what I'm doing today, actually :)

  • Yes! I never hear of raw foodies mentioning potatoes so this is great! Must have missed the recipe on the site : )

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