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Hi Everyone,

I am currently working on my own raw-ness and want to pass it on to my partner. The problem is, he eats a TON. He says he likes the raw food I make, but could never fill up on it. Any men out there that want to share their secrets? How do you keep your weight up and stay full? I swear, right now he eats five or six cooked meals a day. Mostly vegan. I was thinking, maybe go heavy on the nuts and seeds? And smoothies to keep him full? Also, there's the issue of cost. He works out every day and has a really fast metabolism. Thanks for the suggestions!



  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    I used to eat many meals a day. If I were to guess how many calories I consumed per day in high school, I would guess about 4000 or 5000. At lunch I would eat two school lunches in addition to junk-food snacks from the vending machine. I would eat another meal after dinner and another right before going to bed. But I was an athletic track athlete, weighing 155 pounds. So yeah, my metabolism was really high too. Now I still eat a lot by some peoples standards, but its a lot less than I used too. I was measuring at one point, about 2000 calories per day and I still work out almost every day. My metabolism runs much slower now than it used to.

    When I started out I ate a lot of nuts and dried fruit. I guess that helped. I think big smoothies with a lot of greens are good too. Since you are drinking it, you can get more if you have too. The fruit in the smoothie gives you the calories you need and if you put a lot of greens in there too, that will help "fill you up". Blended salads are also very filling, delicious, and easier to consume than a regular salad.

    However, I hate to tell you there are no tricks in the food that will "win him over". Obstacles are impossible to avoid, so if your boyfriend will succeed long-term he will have to want it for himself. He will have to want the benefits of raw food over the benefits of cooked food. So, I recommend that you help him out by making him cool raw dishes, but more importantly empower him by showing your support and giving him plenty of encouragement.

  • Hmm... I thought this was going to be about where to find raw single men ;-) Too bad, maybe a topic for another day?

    Sorry, I don't have much advise for your situation. I think that but I agree with eecho. Your best bet is to be a source of support and inspiration, best of luck!

  • the59soundthe59sound Raw Newbie

    Well...raw food isn't so calorie dense. I don't know what you're eating that is so little, but I have to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to become calorically satiated. Sometimes, when very hungry, I can manage 15 bananas. Most mornings I wake up and have about 4 pounds of grapes.... Grapes are my favorite morning food. But yeah, real men eat fruit. The raw diet is all about being able to eat a great volume and still stay trim and fit, and that's what I certainly do!

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    He may not be getting enough vitamins and minerals, and so his body feels the need to eat more. I used to eat ALL day before going raw. Bee pollen, Sole (mineral rich salt water in small doses-you can make yourself google if unfamiliar), superfoods, and greens, will help him get his minerals and such built up. Adding more bananas, raw fats to salads, sprouting wheat or buckwheat for granola, eating dates, and other dried fruits,nuts, seeds, etc. helps you feel fuller as well as get in calories. And eating 80% raw still gives the benefits of raw , if he wants or feels he needs a cooked meal. :)

  • Maybe he could also look into the mental aspect of wanting, craving and hungering for that many meals a day.

    I think it has to come from within, if he wants to transistion - he will slowly find his way and what works out for his body and mind.

    my old roommate, used to be the same, eating tons and tons of cooked vegan food. and he did loosed weight at first while transistioning and detoxing, but has leveled since.

    and he has really found how a lot of his eating was emotional, even though he felt real hunger at the time and had a high metabolism.


  • Hey everyone, thanks for the input! I am not trying to convert him to raw, only if he wants to. Just want to provide meals that will keep him full and are highly nutritious, and eventually want to cut processed food (mostly things like soy products and so much wheat!) from our household! He has a Type 1 diabetic child so it's ultimately for him that I would be doing this. I'm in charge of the kitchen anyway, so I get to pick what everyone eats ;)



  • Deadly SteveDeadly Steve Raw Newbie

    Vegetables, I'd say. They bulk out any raw food a lot. I often find it hard to finish one carrot, whereas I could eat fruit and greens non-stop all day. Although having said that, on my second day of being 100% raw my appetite shot up and I practically emptied the fridge!

  • Introduce him to the 80/10/10 diet. Nuts won't even fill most people up, i was going thru up to a pound or more of cashews a day at one time and was always hungry. Your body will always feel starved if you don't get adequate carbohydrates. Now i eat 2500-4000 calories a day of my favorite sweet fruit, i no longer have the hunger pains or cooked food cravings and feel like superman :)

  • Haha, avocado_lover, me too!!! How about a dating site for raw vegan singles? ;-)

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