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Is change in digestion normal?



  • Ok, I made Ani Phyo's cheesecake with no problems...i'm not having problems with cashews, almonds, mixed with anything anymore- this is so crazy! However, I don't plan to eat like this often either.

    Ya'll it was soooo good!

  • When I first started eat a high raw diet I noticed that I got alot of gas, I was kind of worried about hanging with girls cause the farts were really really smelly. However it seems to have stabilised here lately (like you i've been high raw for about 3-4 months) and I get less gas. The only time i get digestive problems is when I go out to eat with some friends and get some vegan meals at restaurants, usually gas and bloating. I can eat cooked foods at home no problem, if I eat a cooked meal it I'll usually make some kind of indian dinner, saag and lentils are my favorite.

    But ya maybe you need some time to adjust...

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    well I have an update that may be helpful to anyone reading this. My ND and myself have been working hard to find the source to my digestive problems. Tried some different things to help balance me out - no change. Then it became pretty apparent that I had some sort of parasite thing going on, and good/bad bacteria out of balance. I did a parasite cleanse as well as went on the body ecology diet. I didn't see results over night but gradually I've been getting better and better. The diet and eating so many cultured foods has truly made a huge difference. I've been able to tolerate foods so much easier now and I'm not having all the stomach upsets that I was having prior to. There's still lots of healing to do... but I am sooo grateful to have tried that diet.

  • macanoogiemacanoogie Raw Newbie

    Ok I have to put this out there and please pardon me if it's the way everyone else does things and I'm just now getting it!! :)

    I've mentioned before that I follow the Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose. Before this book I was primarily a SAD eater and have since lost over 40 pounds, feel much better and have no digestion problems (yet... knock on wood!) so I know it works well for me. Anyway, the book's categories are as follows (similar to what I've seen others talk about) and what leads me to my question:

    - Fruits in the morning until you want to eat otherwise and always alone, waiting 30-45 minutes until moving to non-fruits. I typically keep fruit types separate by 30-45 minutes too (bananas alone, melons together, berries together, etc.). My only exception to this is a spinach/banana smoothie but still only when I'm within the fruit category.

    - Three main categories that should not be mixed with each other (or fresh fruit) but mix fine with neutral veggies (i.e. carrots, celery, greens, raw corn, etc.). If you want to move to a new category, you should wait at least 3 hours to let your stomach empty and allow for optimal digestion of the current category.

    ~ (1) Starch (cooked corn, breads, avocados, potatoes, etc.)

    ~ (2) Flesh (all dairy/meat/fish/animal products)

    ~ (3) Nuts/Seeds/Dried Fruits

    So, to my question: Is this how many of you combine your food? Is this typical for a raw foodist or is this just the author's way of putting it together? The idea is combining for "quick exit" from the stomach and then the system, allowing the body to focus on healing and using energy for things other than just digestion. As I said above it works for me, keeping me gas free and without issues unless I miscombine.

    ItVeganAtGenesis - do you mix your foods this way? I'm curious to know too if you go in for colon hydrotherapy for overall system maintenance?

  • Macnoogie, I started food combining like the author suggested after having gastric problems and it has worked for me! However, I've learned that mixing and matching every once in a while it's a bad thing.

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    macanoogie i love natalia rose!

    i used to stick to food combining, i felt so much better when i followed natalia roses program. however lately i have strayed away from it. i think i am going to go back to food combining and see if that helps out my digestion.


  • Well, I've give other combos a try...almonds and cashews mix with fruits well

    I made some apple bread (buckwheat, apples, dates, spices, etc) and it made me a little gas

    I've also made some blueberry-buckwheat grawnola and it gives me gas just like the apple bread

    However, raw pizza on buckwheat crust bother my digestive system...

    Does anyone have any fruit-free buckwheat recipes besides pizza to share?


  • Ok, I can eat grawnola with no bad side effects, but it has to be on an empty stomach! I can't eat it after I've eaten something else...Yeah!!!!

    I"m going to be making Toast like crazy now lol

  • I got about half way through this page with reading, so forgive me if this question has already been answered. But, do any of you have a green smoothie daily?

    I too had incredibly bad digestive problems. Although my aim is to be 100% raw indefinitely, I did notice a -huge- change when I would have a green smoothie. A lot of my digestive problems went away, and I've had better muscle tone as well.

    I do however add a powdered barley grass in with my green smoothie, that gives you the b vitamins and such that you need from my understanding.

    Also, whenever I do indulge with cooked foods, I always follow it with a green smoothie.

    Yes, I get the bloating and feel stuffed when I eat the cooked meal, but it passes quickly the next day -ONLY- if I follow it with a green smoothie though. Otherwise I'm in for a world of pain.

    I drink a green smoothie -every- morning. This just helps hugely hugely with my digestion.

    Anyway, my apologies again if this was already brought up.

    Otherwise, I hope this information helps :)

  • If I don't have a green smoothie, I have fruit, or something gluten-free and vegan...You're right about a toner body due to green smoothies. I have been slacking lately on the green smoothies lately. So, this gives me the encouragement to have exclusive green smoothie breakfasts...Thanks!

  • Wonderful :) I hope this works for you. Along with the other things you will try. Please keep us up to date. I know I'll be very curious to hear how things progressed for you and to know what seemed to help the most and such.

    I'm constantly keeping a mental note of such things for my own raw food journey :)

  • Thanks Living_Raw! I sure will

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