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Lunch Box ideas?

I've started my first ever job, and obviously the canteen is all crisps, chips, meat meals and fizzy pop. So does anyone have any lunch box ideas? I have some recipes (I'm fairly new to raw) but there mainly flashly. So has anyone got some simple easy meals and lunch box ideas for me?

I dont want to be tempted to fall off the wagon and eat crap. Thanks in advance, Mel x


  • MariannesMariannes Raw Newbie

    Prephaps this link: http://raw-bento.com/?cat=4 could be helpful?

  • how about a corn salad?


    bell pepper

    avocado chunks

    a bit of salsa

    leek (or green onion)


  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    Mariannes thats such cool website!


  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    wow, that gorilla sandwich idea is the best thing ever

  • Second the gorillas sandwich--gotta make one for myself when I'm on the ru!n

  • Deadly SteveDeadly Steve Raw Newbie

    Here's something I flung together the other day. Get some soaked nuts, nice fresh greens, sprouts, seaweed and vegetables (not necessarily all that stuff), and maybe a few herbs or spices. Grind it all up really well in a food processor and then, while it's still running, pour in water a little bit at a time until it all goes doughy. Take out, roll into little wads, and if you want, dehydrate for a few hours. The taste is a bit hit and miss (work in progress!) but it does the job!

  • Deadly SteveDeadly Steve Raw Newbie

    Edit: somehow posted 3 times by accident!

  • Deadly SteveDeadly Steve Raw Newbie


  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    that gorilla sandwich is the most original idea ive seen in a long time- thats my lunch tomorrow!! :) thanks for sharing!

  • rawcanadianrawcanadian Raw Newbie

    Yep, you need one of those lunch boxes like i have , BIG!!!!!

    The lunch depends on cals required and what you plan on eating the rest of the day.


    Salad - green lettuce of choice, 1 tomatoe sliced, red pepper, cucumber, raisins

    3 bananas

    1 large orange

    1 med apple

    1000 cals

    Salad - green lettuce of choice, 1 tomatoe sliced, red pepper, cucumber, raisins

    5 bananas

    50 g raw almonds

    2 large oranges

    1 Mango

    Simple!!! ez to prepare!!!

  • The RawtarianThe Rawtarian Raw Superstar

    Lol, love that gorilla sandwich! I can't wait to try that.

    Re: lunches, I make sure to always have raw crackers on hand. Then I bring half an avocado in a ziploc, a spoon, and some salt. I spread the avocado on crackers, add some sprouts (in a ziploc), and then I bring a bag of nuts, some fruit, and some veg for snacks.

    A perfect lunch! For me anyway. :)


    The Rawtarian - Tried and tested raw food recipes - Free


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