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Opinions on including cooked veggies in the winter

Hi all, I've recently come back to 100% raw after staying high raw for most of the summer & earlier fall. I also just began following 811 a little over a week ago and love it so far. However it's getting seriously cold here in NYC and I've found myself freezing to death to the point where I have to take multiple showers a day, run hot water over my hands every time I pass the bathroom, etc. I'm not a huge fan of tea/don't have a kettle, but I am a huge fan of lightly steamed veggies, especially sweet potatoes. I'm wondering if you think it eating sweet potatoes, broccoli or cauliflower that's been steamed (plain) every other day in the evening will hinder me. I'm doing 811 mainly for athletic purposes- I'm a distance runner and want to get faster to qualify for Boston. I'd love any insight you might have about your experiences eating some cooked veggies to keep warm!

In the past I was living in LA so it wasn't as cold, and I turned to "raw" cacao that probably wasn't raw, Lara Bars that weren't all raw, and high fat foods like nuts and lots of avocadoes when I was cold. I think my body would do better sticking to low fat even if it's cooked veggies. Right?? I know it's not ideal, but neither is humans living in cold climates :-p


  • kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie

    hey elle! steamed veggies and potatoes are a lot healthier than eating high fat, hard to digest raw foods. eating things like steamed veggies, steamed fresh sweet corn, steamed sweet potatoes and squashes during my transition helped me to not eat really unhealthy foods. they are still a good source of carbs and they still taste pretty good without salt too. also, you can make some tomato, basil, veggie soups and warm them a little. it's still eating 811, just not all raw. hope this helps :)

  • susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

    I think it's a great idea if it will help keep you warm and happy! You shouldn't ever have to suffer just to be 100%... also, soups and broths are great warming foods also, and you don't have to really heat them past 110 for them to warm you up!

  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    I live in Toronto and it's getting cold here too. I was ok eating all raw in the summer but, just like you I need warm foods to keep my body warm, so I've started eating lightly cooked broccoli, zucchini and cauliflower. I think that it makes a big difference because I'm not frozen like a pospicle when I go to bed at night. I'm still cold, but not as cold. I don't see that eating cooked vegetables at night would hinder your running. I'm also a runner, and I haven't noticed a difference in my performance since I started eating some cooked vegetables (I eat them maybe 6 times a week).

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I find eating plenty of fruit and greens and being active I stay warm. But sweet potatoes and other true vegetables steamed wouldn't be so bad. :)

  • RawEverythingRawEverything Raw Newbie

    Hi, potatoes are toxic raw. Cooked above 175 degrees Celsius the are some what less toxic at least that's what wiki says. But that's far from raw.

    Greens cooked have no nutrients.

    Don't know what to eat to keep warm, (I have no problems with feeling cold, yesterday it was 6 degrees Celsius and I was cycling in my T-shirt).

  • Lightly cooked veggies are far from bad. :) I've seen studies that some veggies even have better bioavailability when lightly cooked... Hot tea always warms me up but, I'm a super baby about cold weather... 60 degrees F is freezing to me! LOL! It's true, though.

  • Thanks for the input! I think I'm going to just listen to my body and of course try to stick to 100% raw, but not beat myself up about eating some cooked veggies if I feel like that would be best for me. If only I lived somewhere warm!

  • I live in Wisconsin and I'm getting cold too! I don't blame you for wanting to eat some cooked veggies. They are still healthy food.

    I often make a bowl of miso soup and eat with salad to warm me up. I just heat some water to less than 115 degrees, add a tablespoon of miso and mix well, and then add a piece of fresh or dry ginger, some chopped green onions and a dash of cayenne pepper, which are all warming. Sometimes I cheat and use very hot water.

    Sometimes I also do jumping jacks, breathing exercise or kundalini yoga just for 2 - 3 minutes, which raises my body temperature instantly.

    If you live in NYC, I highly recommend going to a store called Uniqlo in Soho. They sell a line of underwear called Heat Tech.


    They are very reasonably priced, super thin but keeps you very warm. I began to wear those last week and they made a big difference.

  • I'm from Wisconsin too :D

    But I'm the weird one that goes out in the snow with an ice cold fresh fruit smoothie in one hand... like I just did 5 minutes ago.


  • Maxerbear - I'm interested in those HeatTech clothes... Are they really soft material?

  • Hi GlitterGirl,

    Yes, they are very soft and elastic and feels good on the skin. I said underwear, but obviously you can wear those as a regular top.

  • You can also include some "warming spices" like ginger, like on top of a salad or something. That always gets my circulation going, and might be useful. Not sure if that's part of the 811 thing or not, though since I don't know much about it.

    Though yeah, I think yams and other veggies are probably quite okay. :-)

  • i make herbal chai by taking hot, not quite boiling water and steeping in cloves, ginger, and cinnamon. mmm apple would be good too. my heart goes out to all you folks in north america, im in india currently and going to fiji in a few days, might not even see snow this winter. stay warm everyone! bundle up!

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