Hey everyone(: I'm new to raw, before I get into the topic, let me give you a bit of background info. I've been raw for about 3 weeks with 1 or 2 meals of cooked food a week (my friends like to eat out, and I'm not sure how to eat raw at restaraunts, suggestions appreciated) I've been a vegan for almost 3 years, and I cut out processed crap when I went vegan. Lately I've been getting mucous build up at night so severe it hurts my throat and disturbs my sleep. At first I thought this was just me getting sick, but this has been happening the last 3 nights and during the day I feel great. Now I don't know if this is a raw related problem, but I thought I'd post this to see if other people experience this and its a normal part of transition, or if I should rule it out, thanks in advance.


  • I definately can not say for sure what it is. Just a thought on the subject. Since eating high raw, and overall improving my diet (cut out processed food) I do not seem to get the bad colds I would get each winter (knock on wood). But, occassionally I get a little "mucousy" / and slight soar throat at night, but fine during the day. I personally believe it is my body fighting off an infection (that bad cold I use to always get) and am happy it's nothing full blown. Getting a couple really good night of sleep seem to clear it up (and some ginger tea).

    Now if you didn't get sick much before going raw, and are getting this now- might be a different thing.

  • Thank you sisterbecky(: I think this must be what I'm experiencing. I normally get some kind of bug a few times a year (expecially during winter).

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