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Has anyone experienced a workplace where healthful and mindful eating is a focus? I'm just curious since at my work there is nothing mentioned about how we can improve....I think, in all honesty, that we'd be entirely more effective if we were all encouraged to choose healthy and whole foods. Since I work in a school, that'd be great for everyone involved - fewer sick teachers, more quality teaching hours...etc etc etc.

I'm in Korea right now, so maybe my view is slightly skewed? does anyone know of a work environment where health is a priority/something to talk about and work at? Maybe such a place only exists in dreams.


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    I also a teacher in a school and we have this thing callled "Fat Fridays", where 2 staff members bring in "treats" (usually a whole lot of crap) for the entire staff. Man, you should see them when it's recess, they all run to the staff room to make sure they can eat as much as they can. Everyone talks about how healthy they would like to be and how they need to eat better, but they never put any effort into changing their horrible eating habits.

    So, I would say that I'm the only one at school that eats healthy foods. They call me Mrs. Plant, because all they ever see me eat are fruits & vegetables! (I actually think that it's a's better than being called Mrs. Fat Ass!)

  • tabbycats_tofutabbycats_tofu Raw Newbie

    HAHAHHAHA!!! ohhhh, that's funny:) mrs. plant....


  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    LOL I agree!!!

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    Well I wasn't eating healthy in the workplace but at school. It was junior/senior year when I started making stuff for myself I would get questions. Junior year I was had a big container full of fruit for breakfast and people would remark about my "bucket" of fruit. I talked to one girl who always commented on my fruit and wanted to go vegetarian at sometime and said she would love to have all that fruit so I made her a big container full of it once.

    Then Senior year I loved my dhal and matzo/pita and my bread with dipping oil of and my vegan ham sandwiches with garlic spread. I would always be asked about what my dhal is since it was just a big lentil mush then my big matzo crackers I dipped into it. I once didn't finish my vegan ham sandwich with loads of garlic spread and brought it to my government teacher and I died laughing hearing all the comments about the smell so needless to say I always saved a little bit of my sandwich to eat in the class just to bug my teacher (in a nice way she liked me because I cared in the class). My friends were all used to what I ate and never bothered me much about it but I would call their food shit.

    I did get questions a bit about my food, of course the "where do you get your protein?", but this all motivated me to learn more about nutrition and healing and pushed me from vegetarian to vegan now high raw vegan. Now I am possibly looking into a career in nutrition/dietetics so I can cure more. And this forced conversing with people about food helped make me more social and get me out of my box (I used to be hella shy but now I talk to strangers in grocery stores!). I think a little "dietary persecution" helps, to make you more steadfast on your beliefs and challenge you to learn more.

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    The school I graduated from, Institute for Integrative Nutrition has a healthy workplace as part of their mission. Members get whole foods lunches, massages, and other services.

    Larger corporations have worksite wellness programs, but they're usually elective and not something really integrated in the mission statement, serving more as a way to increase productively and decrease healthcare costs.

    A healthy workplace has to start from the top down and be an integral part of the workday.

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    I work for a small company and although we don't have any official policies, our boss is really cool and set up a weekly fruit basket recently. He has always paid for bacon butties on a Friday morning but as I don't have these he said it was only fair to provide an alternative.

    Since I turned high raw, the eating habits of the office has changed significantly. People do still eat rubbish - but MUCH less than they used to. They eat miles more fruit and often comment how they wish they could eat like me.

    When it's someone

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    sv3, that's so nice of your coworkers to think of you! Every Friday at work we have "treats", which usually consists of very unhealthy foods, but many of my coworkers always make an effort to bring in raw veggies and/or fruit for me :)

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    Yeah, I'm lucky really to work with cool people who are pretty open minded and thoughtful.

    It must be hard working somewhere that has loads of junk food brought in, although it's nice that they bring stuff for you too AVL. I have quite a few teachers friends who say the staff room always has loads of cakes/biscuits in etc and it's hard for them to avoid it. I'm lucky that the people I work with don't even bother to offer me anything as they know it's not an option.

  • I work parttime at a bookstore, and the most stressful time of the year is the month before christmas. So every december, my boss brings a HUGE plate of fruit to work every single day for the staff to eat, because she's afraid that all the stress will makes us sick and she has to close down because all her workers are ill. =)))

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