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80/10/10 vs high-fat/ gourmet raw

laurajlauraj Raw Newbie

I have to finally say, and I think I've always known yet old habits die hard, that fatty gourmet recipes using complex ingredients, nuts, seeds, oils, raw onions, raw garlic, dates and dried and dehydrated foods and seriously terrible combinations...make me SICK. Yes, literally SICK. Very SICK. In my latest atempt to see once and for all if perhaps I should be making more gourmet recipes from he many raw recipe bookjs I have, I decided to make raw enchiladas and raw fudge balls. I have been sick al day and night from it, and I am going straght back to my fresh fruits, green and fruit smoothies, juices and simple 80/10/10 method of eating. It is truly the only way. There is no way all the fats and spices and dried foods promoted in so many of these gourmet raw recipe combinations is healthy for anyone. And I can honestly now say, dehydrated and dried foods and fruits ARE NOT RAW! There is nothing natural tasting or fresh or hydrating or energizing in any of it, and that includes all the fatty oils and nuts and condiments and spices so many people add in these recipes to achieve a so called 'mock" meal! How can marinating your once fresh veggies in 1/4 cup of EVOO, adding salt and spices and then EATING all that oil and disgustingness be considered by anyone fresh, raw, healthy, or in any way easily digested? And those raw date and nut-based desserts...god help me. That's a recipe for wanting to toss all your cokies and purge your system of all that junk afterwards. Back to bananas, beries, melons, pears, apples, celery, greens, juices, smoothies, etc tc for me. This raw gourmet crap is as bad if not worse than cooked, highly processed foods.


  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    ugh. i wrote a rant but whatever. just ugh

  • the59soundthe59sound Raw Newbie

    I always say, "If you're not 811rv, you're most likely not 100 percent raw vegan."

  • lauraj I agree with you on so many of those points, however, I cannot say that any one kind of eating works for every individual and most definitely find any simplified categorizing tends to turn many possibly interested parties away from a raw lifestyle...I'm just saying.

  • its funny- i personally am not 8/1/1; i see it as a fad diet, that if i tried to 'stick to it' i'd most likely fall off the raw wagon, and end up endulging in non-veg*n crap. but that's just me being honest with myself.

    ironically enough though, i live a hella busy lifestyle and don't have time to make a ton of gourmet stuff. thus i end up eating mostly fresh fruits and nuts and seeds, un processed, un vitamixed, un dehydrated; unadultered in any way. just because its the perfect fast food; grab and go.

    but all things in mod; on the weekend i love having a good uncooked gourmet meal. it doesn't 'piss me off' to eat it per se; but i really don't have the love-hate relationship i used to when i was a SADder. either way- gourmet or not, being raw, flat out, is better than GE, preservative- laden, icky sad food.

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    harmonylia said what i was gonna say, but a lot nicer. she's right

  • sisterbeckysisterbecky Raw Newbie

    I think it's important to "listen" to what your body is telling you, and go with the diet that works good for you. Many seem to adapt well to 80/10/10. Through giving it a try, I learned that you can just eat a big bowl of fruit for a meal, and that really big (I mean really big) salads are a good thing. I use to think of salads as a side dish- no more.

    But, I must agree with Harmonylia- what works for one person doesn't always work for everyone. I'm very fortunate to be near a big store with tons of produce. I'm shopping every few days. Not everyone is lucky enough to have that access to fresh fruits and veggies that often. Dehydrated is sometimes something you choose over eating candybars. Though I would agree that fresh fruit is generally better than tons of dried, it is still much better than much of the process stuff.

    As far as the gourmet foods- just like desserts, they really are more of a sometimes food. (Not an everyday staple.). A little indulgence usually doesn't hurt most people, but if it doesn't set well with your digestive system then definately don't eat it. For many people, allowing themselves a treat help keep them from feeling deprived and ending up binging on very unhealthy foods.

    There is some evidence to back up the use of oils and other added fats in dressing on salads. It's not healthy to drown your salads in dressings, but a little oil or other fat (such as avocado or nuts) does increase the bodies uptake of certain nutrients. There is a difference between adding some fat to salad, and over doing it.

    Here's a link to an article (with proper sources sited) for anyone interested: http://www.thefactsaboutfitness.com/news/veg-fat.htm

    I know that some raw foodists (and many SAD eaters) overdo fat. But, some is good for you.

  • i'd have to ditto sisterbecky...and i love uncooking; its like, an art form for me; so i will always indulge every now and again in some gourmetness, for the simple fact its fun and pleasurable for me. and i don't want to completely ignore that aspect...i'm doing this because its healthy and fun in the first place; i dont want my diet to become a chore.

  • I also agree with harmonylia, sisterbecky and vabeachcg. The body of each person is unique so I believe the diet most suited to the body should be unique as well and that listening to your body is extremely important. For just about every so-called healthy food or diet, there are people who promote it and who reject it. I got tired of getting confused by all of these claims, so I decided to listen to my own body and see how I feel about certain food/diet. I often use a muscle test or a pendulum to find out what's best for me, and right now 70-10-20 (carb-protein-fat) seems to work well for myself, so that's what I have been sticking to.

  • Mon46Mon46 Raw Newbie

    Glad this thread came up. I don't advocate any way of being raw to anyone because as mentioned above, we all must find what is right for us. That said, I continue to be a little shocked by the massive amount of fat used in most of the raw recipe books on my shelf. I mean, why is a cup of EVOO needed for miso soup? I either end up modifying recipes from these books if I use them, or just end up creating my own stuff. I tend to eat very, very simply and just love eating lots of fresh fruits and veg, with fats as I crave them. I have had to supplement with B12 (deficient), but otherwise my blood work is great. Anyway, I dream of a really great raw, low fat book. Any suggestions?

  • nothing ani phyo...i feel as though you do, with most of her recipes, i end up tweaking them and essentially creating my own thing haha. her stuff is loaded w/ oils, nuts, fats, avocado...etc hahaha.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I'm glad you're back to fresh foods, Laura!!!

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    @ the59sound - so what? what more is "100% raw vegan" more than a label to describe one particular eating style? it doesn't necessarily equal "as healthy as humanly possible" because I doubt anyone (including you) is as healthy as humanly possible. Because a person like that will have no life. They will live in the middle of the jungle with no one around them doing nothing but eating and exercising.

    I mean, congrats for getting off fat, yeah. I'm doing the same thing and I feel great. I think everyone should at least try it, and if it doesn't work, then they aren't ready and should be willing to try it again later. I just don't like all the "holier than thou" close-minded commentaries that some people have. I think its important to realize and submit to the fact that even we, raw fooders, know extremely little. Yes, even with the staggering credentials of having read a few health books and conducting a successful experiment with 1 trial (ourself).

    But yes, I know I need to be positive, so as superfood2 (expectedly) said, congratulations laura ; )

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