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Can you get too clean and too sensitive?

Hey everyone, Ive been talking to one of my fellow raw friends about this and I want to hear what you think!

Do you think there is a point where your body gets too clean and too sensitive for a ''normal'' world?

During the past 6months or so, Ive noticed how my body is getting more and more sensitive. It can almost seem like there is a point where

your body is so clean it doesnt fit into this world anymore.

Sensitive to raw food but also sensitive to being in a city, people wearing perfume etc.

and in november after long consideration I decided to try a cooked meal, it was sprouted gluten free porridge (quinoa,buckwheat and millet with cinnamon)

I ate it and at first it felt so odd to eat warm food and feel it in my stomach and then about 20min after I finished I started feeling really dazed and tired like I'd

been slipped a pill or something, it was 6pm and I had to stumble into my bed and I crashed and slept for 15 hours!!! I was so confused when I woke

up, and my body felt so odd and I couldnt quite come to my senses for a while.

it felt like my body just crashed, all energy went to digesting this food - but it suprised me and got me thinking.

I wonder too, if I were to be in a accident and doctors would give me medicine, how would a clean sensitive body react to that?

If I lived in thailand warm raw paradise then I a natural clean body would fit a natural clean environment. but does a natural clean body fit into a unatural


Cant wait to hear your thoughts, I hope I've explained myself okay!


  • threnodythrenody Raw Newbie

    I personally have become very sensitive, even though I don't live in a city and am able to control my rather clean surroundings. People can and do, of course, become chemically sensitive without raw foods--and in fact I would say the junk food probably contributes to the issue. I've read statistics, for example, of how many toxic chemicals are present in people who have lived in new york city for a year or longer, and it is frightening. I think these things will get you either way, whether you feel them or not. Is it worth it to have to spend so much energy digesting cooked food just to fit into a 'normal' world? I know how difficult it can be, around the pollution, but we can change things.

    You can wear a symbol around your neck warning the emergency technicians to not medicate if it is really a problem; I know matt monarch does it.

  • I have no interest in starting to eat cooked food. or to change anything to fit into the average world.

    Im a gypsy and yogateacher so its not like changing my diet would help me much =)

    Im just reflecting on how a clean body fits a unclean environment.

    and also because I seem to get more and more sensitive to combining foods, I can only eat simple foods - I ate some flax-sesame crackers, and its been a long time since ive had dehydrated foods and my stomach felt so bad. so these foods I before considered good foods I am now sensitive too. and it only seems to keep adding.

    but this is not about changing my diet at all. its just about getting perspective on it.

    and I wonder how natural this diet is in say northern europe where Im at, where a lot of the fruit I eat is flown in etc.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I think babies are clean and sensitive.....maybe we could learn a little from them.

  • KittyKitty Raw Newbie

    About a week ago I was washing my hands in a public restroom and when I foamed up with the hand soap, I felt like the scent was so extremely strong, it instantly hit me and gave me a headache, I really couldn't handle it .This was one my first experiences like that.

  • this is an excellent question and one I have often wondered about. If this raw lifestyle is so great and perfect, why do people get so sensitive, especially in digestion?? If it's making us so strong, shouldn't we be MORE able to handle the occasional foray into bad/SAD foods than LESS able to handle it? if it were truly making us stronger it should make us less sensitive, imo. this bothers the crap out of me, cuz this is the way i want to eat... but i want strong digestion and less sensitivities... *sigh*

  • sisterbeckysisterbecky Raw Newbie


    About the concern of being medicated in case of an accident, I want to throw a thought into the discussion. I agree that "Western Medicine" generally does a pretty poor job of preventative medicine (or maybe we as Americans just do a bad job of following their advice?). But Western Medicine is pretty good in trauma cases such as accidents. And, even responding to emergency situation such as strokes and heartattack, stopping bleeding from stomach ulcers and such. Though I usually go alternative/holistic for preventative- I would be cautious about ruling out lifesaving medicines in an emergency. There can be side effect to drugs (they do give you a side effect list right from the pharmacy). But, in an emergency, the pros usually outweight the cons (like dying). So, you may want to reconsider a medical necklace. You have the right to do that, but most people who do, do so for religious reasons. You are essentially telling the doctor to not give you any drugs to save your life, and would rather die than have the medicine (this does fit in with some people's religious beliefs). The bracelet or necklace is only going to come into play when you are so bad off that you are not able to speak for yourself. I have had a few friends and coworkers who wore them for those reasons (religious) and so I thought of this when the discussion turned toward this topic.

  • Thank you for sharing!

    I wouldnt wear one without careful consideration.

    But its something I still consider.

    For one thing, I have never taking any western medicine. Never any painmedication or antibiotics or anything. so its not something ive ever had in my system. and having a such a sensitive body I feel uncertain how my body would react to it.

    Its not black and white for me and I do agree western medicine is without match in many if not most trauma cases.

    But I dont know, I dont believe in any organized religion but I do however feel strongly connected to yogic philosophy and I don't know if I want to be held ''trapped'' in my earthly body on lifesupport or being saved and ''forced'' to maybe stay on medication for the rest of my life fx.

    But well this has turned of topic.

    I guess you guys don't experience the sensitivity the same way.

    and ps. babies are clean and sensitive in theory and maybe on some levels, but dont forget they've had 9 months coming to life in a sometimes very ''dirty'' environments i.e a mom on pizza and cigarettes. or even just healthy commercial food in a city - a mom filled with toxins.

  • i notice when i eat something processed (ie not raw or salt-laden), i wake up the next morning feeling like an old woman; hobbling out of bed, and with swollen, sore joints. its pathetic. i don't like that.

    and since i've been yo-yoing, i notice it on the days eat high-90s raw (the next morning i notice it).

    i personally think detox 'symptoms' are *highly* overrated, but i wonder....how can i get this to stop? i finally did what i needed to do to stay high-raw (eliminated the junk from the cabinets and fridge) and stocked up on fresh readily-available, mono-mealable fruits and veggies.

    so far it's worked. and i'm bringing food with me, wherever i go.....work, even out with my friends; i'll keep fruit in my bag with me....

    and doing so, i've noticed myself leaning HEAVILY towards a high fruit, low-fat diet, but that's a different story...

    but the two sensitivities i've noticed getting progressively worse each time i 'indulge (or even have a little): headaches from eating sugar, and joint pains/ swelling from eating salt.

    maybe someone could help me make sense of this and reassure me this is normal? haha. thanks!

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    It's your body telling you what to avoid.

  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    vabeachcg, you may have a sensitivity/allergy to something that you indulge in, sugar especially. When I started eliminating stuff from my diet because of MS, my acupuncturist told me to avoid any of the foods for at least a full year. Having done so, I can now get away with an occasional treat and not have a reaction - for me, it's a delayed allergic reaction, not detox. It's not like folks who are allergic to, say, peanuts or sunflower seeds and get hives or go into shock within minutes. It's a different part of the immune system that is reacting and it takes about 36 hours for me to feel it.

    Here's an example. I went off of coffee in Feb '08. In October '08, I was at a coffeehouse with friends and decided to treat myself to a one-shot mocha made with rice milk. Coffee wasn't one of the "banned" foods, I just decided to eliminate it with everything else so I had no idea I was sensitive to it. I had a horrible reaction a couple days later, I was a complete zombie. A few weeks ago, I decided to test it since it has been well over a year. I was at the same coffeehouse having lunch with a friend and my kids. No reaction! So, it's nice to know that I can have that as a very occasional treat again now. :)

    ETA: you might want to try keeping a food diary to see if you can pinpoint what you react to. It works well for me, although I'm still planning to get ELISA testing for food allergies just to make sure there's nothing else I should get rid of.

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