Just wondering what your thoughts are? If you take them? What kind? Why or why not? I've been taking them for years along with digestive enzymes and a wholefoods multi-vitamin, I've now been Raw for 6 months and am wondering if I should re-evaluate. I'm also moving and have been researching different kinds of probiotics since the local brand I've been using will no longer be available to me. I've seen many that come in powder form which you just add to water....I'm intrigued to say the least.

Advice please...

I'm also just curious to see what all of you do


  • veghealthcoachveghealthcoach Raw Newbie

    I get my probiotics through cultured coconut milk - kefir grains mostly. Probiotics help protect your immunity, and since the majority of your immune system is in your colon, why not help it along. We can eat the best diet in the world (whatever that means to us individually), but we can't escape the environmental influences on our health all the time.

    Good luck on the move to you new place.

  • I eat raw food with healthy bacteria through my diet.

    but once a year or more depending on my travels I fill my self up on probiotics.

    Before I go India I buy 200g powdered probiotics and take them every night or morning and night up till the day I leave.

    I prefer powdered probiotics because there is a huge difference in how they are available to your body/gut.

    when you take probiotics in a capsule and swallow the first thing the probiotics are disovled in is your stomach acid and the quite harsh environment in your stomach.

    when you use powdered you dilute them in lukewarm water let them sit, and activate before they go to your gut

    Ive tried both and I feel no difference when I use capsule ones, but I do when I use my prefered brand of the powdered ones. I cant find a english website though for the brand I prefer.

    but look around and find a company you trust there are a lot of really bad once, especially in the state with their cherry flavored probiotics etc.

    and last time I was in India I was the only one who didnt get sick!! and I ate loads of raw fruits and drank fresh juice, im sure the probitics helped!

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Primal Defense = strongest probiotic out there. it was made by a guy who had such bad inflammatory bowel disease that he went around the world to prevent surgery to take out a big portion of his bowel. and so that's what he invented, and he didn't need any surgery. It comes in powder and caplet form, and it's basically green foods that are mixed with like 2 dozen probiotic strains. i take a lot of it and haven't been sick in like, 4 years.

  • ^^ditto Garden of Life. I've been using Dr Ohhira's recently as well and like them even better. I also eat a lot of fermented foods

  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    I drink kombucha. Loooooooove it! :)


    I eat yogurt! I'm bulgarian and as you know bifidus bulgaricus.i havent been sick for like 10 years. I was raw for 6,7 months. I quit because of a weight loss. I'm still eating pretty healthy and I dont take any pills. everythink you need nature provides for us. do you think that 200 years ago probiotics inn capsules or powder forms were available! i doubt it! Good luck!

  • Thanks all for sharing your words and thoughts. Upon research Ive read that powder is by far the best option as far as probiotics are concerned. I make and drink my own kombucha as well as kimchi and sauerkraut. I try and eat fermented foods as much as possible. Ive read that theres no such thing as too many probiotics or enzymes since enzymes are something that we deplete quicker than our body produces them especially since most of us didnt grow with the best of diets!!!! .I'm going through a monumental change in my life and will be cleansing soon....just looking into what changes I can make afterwards...

    PS Veghealthcoach can you tell me more about the cultured coconut milk? Im vegan and mostly raw and it sounds like something I can make at home.

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