Apple Cider Vinegar

WhiteAppleWhiteApple Raw Newbie

I forgot how much I love raw apple cider vinegar. I love the taste and its really helping my skin out too. I had some acne break out I'm not sure why and I drank some apple cider vinegar before going to bed the other night and when I woke up the acne had shrunk and now its completely gone. I also feel really clean after drinking it like I'm getting toxins out of me. I usually have 1 tbsp. per 8 oz and drank it when I first wake up then after breakfast and then right before I go to bed.

Who else loves vinegar or at least uses it often?


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    do you put it on your skin at all? i've been getting some annoying pimples and my tea tree oil isn't helping.

  • WhiteAppleWhiteApple Raw Newbie

    No I've just been drinking it. I try to make sure I don't drink too many other liquids or have anything in my stomach so it is more concentrated. For me it was like an overnight heal but there still is some like on my chest (its the hardest to get rid off) but not on my face as bad. And I started washing my face every morning so that might of helped a little bit also.

  • sisterbeckysisterbecky Raw Newbie

    At the first hint of a sore throat I gargle with it. Kicks out the sore throat that day.

  • corecriescorecries Raw Newbie

    I drink it regurlarly to cleanse the body and to lose some weight.

    I have combined acv with physical activity before and it was great to use for losing some extra pounds.

    I see it as a very safe and slow weightloss/cleansing remedy.

    If you go to earthclinic you'll see it has remarkable effects on many ailments.

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