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is there anyone who can offer some advice on what to eat during a very long bike ride? i have done the ms150 for two years in a row and am about to do it again but i dread having to eat the food that is provided along the route…they have some bananas and fruit but alot of processed and packaged food… crackers and cookies also to “balance your blood sugar”.Nothing green at all,it’s all the same color food(blah)...they usually only have water and gatorade (which is gross)to drink…i just always feel awful after these long events and can’t wait to get back to eating green stuff….should i just deal with it for charity sake or should i try to pack some raw stuff with me for the ride???two days worth of food is hard to take along with you on a bike.


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    hmmm, im guessing you all stop for the night right? bring a cooler and pack your greens or make up green smoothies to drink for breakfast on the ride and after! my husband cycles and while he is not vegan or raw, he does like my granola bars and takes those with him and his green smoothie for breakfast. im taking my blender to tuscon with us for the century there, he’ll have his smoothie for breakfast and some along the way and ill make him one heck of a fruit smoothie for after. if they have fruit blend it up! and a cooler with salad for two days is easy! good luck!!!

  • If you dont mind packaged raw food, Raw Evolution Spirulina has helped me with my work outs. Also, dehydrating flaxseed crackers, and various other dried foods have helped my energy on long exercises and hikes and bike rides.

  • hello reborealis

    you may try something which works wanders for me: a green juice of kale, celery and cucumber, the kale provides the minerals necessary to nourish the muscles, it is very alkaline and neutralize lactic acid build up, celery replace the sodium lost through perspiration and cucumber provides excellent fluids. another excellent dring during a competition is cocomut water which is the highest source of electrolytes found in nature and they are very beneficial in nourish the tissues. You should also eat lots of nutrient rich raw foods and superfoods for several days leading up to the cycling event.

  • ROBOREALIS – I’ve been racing Ironman for a few years and the bike section is 180km. I eat about 60 grams of carbs every 40-45 minutes – carbs as low in fiber as possible, taken with a lot of water. I drink electrolite drink every 15 minutes. However, I have recently made the conversion to raw, so I have not yet been able to experiment on long rides with raw foods (other than bananas). Brendan Brazier’s book “the Thrive diet” does have several recipes for endurance food. He makes his own gels and bars and electrolite drinks. Check it out. Might work for you.

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