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  • Hair Loss

    Debs60 said:

    Hey Mikfizzle, we have an interesting raw magazine called 'Get Fresh' over here in the UK ( from the Fresh Network www.fresh-network.co.uk) but a lot of the articles are from people from the US, one of whom is Tonya Zavasta. She has said in one of her articles that hair loss is quite natural in the early days of going raw and then it comes back full force. I think it is in the summer 2007 edition - she says that at first you might lose some hair on a high raw diet as the body cleanses but then their should be new hair growth (check the temple area). The article was actually about how sea vegetables can cause amazing transformations with hair, so eat seaweed! Hope this helps, Tonya looks amazing for 51 years old, so I don't think she can be too far wrong.

    Hi everyone - this is my first post tongue-out

    I just wanted to quote Deb because I think she has a great point that addresses an overlooked issue when it comes to detox.  After doing a water fast last year, I lost a LOT of hair.  It was coming out like crazy.  This is a form of hair loss is associated with stress (fasting and detoxification are so beneficial because they stress the body and teach it to cope under stress.)  Thankfully alopecia (aerata) is said to be temporary.  Hair vitamins have not worked in my opinion.  One supplement that has helped, in my experience, is resveratrol - and eating a good amount.  And prayer!

    I wouldn't worry because I think this is temporary, LilEarthMuffin ;) and I could be wrong, but I think with a slightly more calorie density, you'll be fine.  but of course I know it's hard not to be concerned when you see your thick hair falling out.

    So, in short, upping my calorie intake (stopping the fast) ended my hair loss, but it took time.  I didn't notice hair growing back for about 6 months after fasting, and it was growing back like crazy.  But I wholeheartedly believe it was the fast that jumpstarted the alopecia areata.  Similarly I think a natural hygeine/raw diet could do the same, especially a low fat raw diet.  I think these comments about healthy fats and avocados are helpful.  As far as hair washing, it hasn't made a difference in my opinion.  

    LOL sorry that's a lot.  Just was browsing the forums and wanted to add my 2 cents in case it would help anyone!