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  • Well I bought the chlorophyll and it does work-exactly like it says.
    in I Stink. Comment by RawNibbler
  • I did pick up some chlorophyll today from the health food store- spearmint flavored. It's supposed to eliminate odor (breathe, bowels, and under arm ). You could give it a try.
    in I Stink. Comment by RawNibbler
  • also rubbing alcohol or some type of alcohol works great. Burt's Bees Herbal Defense has alcohol and essential oils and it holds my husband- he loves it. I use the Crystal Body Deodorant or Burt's. Nothing from Tom of Maine's worked for me (except t…
    in I Stink. Comment by RawNibbler
  • Thanks Raw Passion. I actually said no because I"m gluten free (I try to eat high raw, but it's turned more into 50/50 and less). I couldn't have even imagined the reaction I would have gotten if I said I eat mainly raw foods lol. But I still wouldn…
  • Your responses are also an encouragement to me. I recently had to say no thank you to sweet potato pie. The person just wouldn't let it go and even called me uppity lol both of these approaches are wonderful and very encouraging. Thank you.
  • That's true nutritional yeast is not raw, I use it in my chips  
    in Kale chips Comment by RawNibbler
  • Thanks Mark (M42) That's exactly what I meant...Thanks for the answers guys! I'm going to do some research on types of protein
  • I'm not concerned with fiber. I want to understand the science of juicing. Thanks guys!
  • Wild rice has 25 gm protein in one cup
    in protein sources Comment by RawNibbler
  • Dates really helped to improve my iron and flax seeds are high in iron too I posted a recipe on here and if you're in a dorm and can't dehydrate then omit the apple sauce (it just gives extra flavor, but it's delicious without it; also you can use c…
  • I sure will look into silica supplements. I haven't been able to find DE.
  • thanks cami!
  • How do you guys take it? I add it to smoothies, but it's so bitter and have decided not to add it to them anymore.
  • I bought the powder by NOW Foods, when I run out I'll look into this brand. Thanks :)
  • Well I've been taking a tsp a day off and on and my nails are thicker and stronger...Awesome!
  • Just a vegetarian multi-vitamin...which ever one's the cheapest...i'm looking into getting some liquid vitamins
  • "The New Zealand Vegetarian Society states that Mushrooms cultivated on manure-enriched compost will contain vitamin B12. If the mushrooms are not over washed before use they will contain some B12. There is 0.26ug of vitamin B12 in 100g of mushrooms…
  • I used nutritional yeast, but I read (can't remember the site) that last year mushrooms were announced to have 35% of B12 in I think 1 oz...i'll try to find the link
  • dandi, i'm having the same problems with my hair...it's sickening, because my hair have never smelled unclean in my life! Today I had to add baking soda to my shampoo to really get it clean (I typically only shampoo once, but lately I"ve had to appl…
  • My scalp needs a shampoo more often now (as opposed to once every two weeks with conditioner washes in between)- which is odd for a black woman with dry, kinky hair. I have had to add tee tree oil and peppermint oil to my scalp. I think I'm going to…
  • lol!!! Hilarious! I love this site!
  • Oh but dates are the best!
    in Sweeteners Comment by RawNibbler
  • NuStevia is the best I've every tried...no after taste and right amount of stevia Mmmm
    in Sweeteners Comment by RawNibbler
  • I second the motion! Parchment paper
  • I have a few recipes on my site that are very simple but super delicious here's a link http://itveganatgenesis.blogspot.com/2009/10/raw-desserts.html http://itveganatgenesis.blogspot.com/2009/11/no-bake-desserts-in-10-minutes.html My favorite raw fo…
  • Raw Passion! that's what got me- the raw desserts! I actually stopped eating all desserts that weren't raw. I recently began to eat gluten-free desserts and soy/rice ice cream again, but even that's rare and not as tasty as raw desserts. I only went…
  • Thanks for the post! Perfectly describes my outlook on raw!
  • Liro, that's great news. Let us know how it all turns out.
  • Liro, that's great news. Let us know how it all turns out.
  • I hope it works for you Liro :)