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  • Eating only when hungry usually results in overeating. When our blood sugar drops fairly low, we tend to grab any and all food we can get our hands on. This is obviously less than ideal when you’re trying to lose weight and if you are suffering from…
  • Im already using olive oil almost on daily basis and it's giving me the best wrinkle free smoothest skin. I will try mixing it with honey and use it as a face mask. Will share results...
  • You can maybe try coconut oil. It is known to help in filling the gaps in your epidermis and makes your skin feel smoother and helps the skin to retain moisture.
  • I don't think living totally on a liquid diet is a good idea.
  • Sometimes i wish if we could somehow get meat some place other than the living beings. 
  • I think it all depends on the pH value. pH value of water ranging from 7.5 to 9.5 is good for drinking and alkaline water has pH value of 8. So i believe it's not harmful to drink alkaline water.
  • oh boy! Staying raw when locked up with meat eaters is so tough! My husband and kids eat meat and it gets really tough for me sometimes. What actually works for me is i just ignore what they are eating and what i am eating. Just try to keep my mind …
  • Eloisa said: Ok, so I know I don't live anywhere near as possibly cold as other places in the US, or world for that matter, but I am a petite person with low body fat and I have been freezing non-stop this past month. I strive for 100% raw dail…
  • Hy Does anyone know of any other organic formula comparable to Baby's organic that can be given to an infant as I am aware that Baby's Organic promotes from 12 months and up? Thanks
  • ddigiacomo said: Thanks for the advice. She has taken her to the doctor and she also has switched the fomula to soy to see if it was a dairy thing and nothing. The doctor didnt say much except she should be going at least two times a day. I wil…