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  • Water Fasting - Anyone done that before?

    Hi Itcc7, 

    Lot's of great testimonies and advice here. I know your post is old, but I'd like to share my experience. 

    I started fasting in 2014. Began by going to a German clinic (clinic is a loose word as it refers to a hotel-type facility with in house doctors for weekly check-ups). TBH I had no idea what I was doing, just wanted to loose weight, having gained 16kilos (I think that's about 35 pounds?) in the course of two years. I "fasted" for 21 days on 1carrot juice in the morning, 1 vegetable broth at lunch and 1 herbal tea+2 teaspoons of honey in the evening. I ended up loosing 15 pounds...which I regained over 3 months, since I hadn't changed my God-awful junk diet. 

    If you're still a newbie, I'd like to elaborate on why I put quotation marks on the term fasting there. In the 5 years since and after loads of research, I've realized we use the word fasting for just about anything, from eating just once a day to drinking fruit of vegetable juices. But really in my humble opinion fasting is drinking pure water, with no additives for a certain length of time, from one day to two weeks or more. But again, speaking from personal experience, you can get the same weight loss benefits from any of those methods, if that's what you're after. 

    My suggestion to you is to be kind to yourself and patiently try out different approaches to figure out what works for you. 

    Alternatives to the German fasting I listed above and that I have tried myself are: 

    - bone broth fasting (1 bowl of home-made bone broth 3 times a day). Personally made me hungry like crazy :)

    - juicing (1 green juice 3 times a day). Personally made me bloat to no end, but it helped me realize I've very reactive to raw food so I need to manage my intake carefully. I also did the mistake of adding fruits to my juice, which gave me sugar ups and down throughout the day. 

    - 1 and a half liters of filtered water with half a teaspoon of Himalayan salt and 1 teaspoon of potassium powder is what worked for me. I can go on for up to 3 weeks on this method and loose up to 30 pounds. Now the reason this works for me is because over the course of all my testing, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, so I have to make sure my already very low blood pressure doesn't drop to insane levels where I can barely get out of bed. 

    So to end this very long post (sorry about that) try out stuff and listen to your body, can't stress that enough. Maybe start by 48 hours, then 72, or more. If you're having heart palpitations, something's wrong. If you can barely walk, something's wrong. And if you're having headaches for more that 48 hours, I'd suggest something's wrong too. 

    Appologies for the spelling errors (I'me French) and best of luck to you.