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  • Worried about my mom.

    The only way ive found that works is to keep encouraging them to change little by little. Unless you dedicated radical dietary and health changes such as SAD diet to raw vegan is impossible for most. Get her to start adding in more fruit, cooking fresh healthy meals that still taste good. Whilst encouraging her to get some exercise daily.

    It wont come all together at once, but you could try make her aware that being even marginally overweight sets you up for diseases such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease and many other degenerative diseases which can be prevented with a more healthy lifestyle.


  • Antibiotics and rosacea

    Unfortunatly most of the natural antibiotics also kill your good flora, so its wise to replenish good bacteria via fermented foods such as water kefir, cultured veggies etc if you do have to use a course of any antibiotics.


  • Antibiotics and rosacea

    If intestinal bacteria is the cause then yeah the chronic antibiotic use will be leading you up for more or worse as they will be resistant to the drug.


  • i want to talk yerba mate

    as you say staying away from stress, dietary stress and stimulants is a big start.

    restoring adrenal function is best done through the use of diet, one of the main nutrients the adrenal glands need is vitamin C, they have priority over the rest of the body for vitamin C. So diet wise fruits rich in vitamin C such as berries, kiwis etc, if you wish for a herbal source then amla berry is the best(good food for the adrenals), then acerola and rose hips. Some will try market camu camu as the best source of vitamin C but its only good when fresh or dried and consumed immediatley due to being unstable.

    the second most important nutrient for the adrenals is vitamin B5, again i prefer to use food or natural sources rather than sythethic vitamins which tend to be weaker anyway. bee pollen(great for adrenals/energy), rice bran(prebiotic fibre), seaweeds(adrenals/thyroid) and nettle leaf(great for liver/adrenal/thyroid).

    not meaning to plug but i sell alot of these things via my site below at the cheapest prices. I lost 8 years of my life to adrenal fatigue and secondary hypothyroidism. I was at the doctors every 2nd week with no help minus anti-depressants which done nothing.

    The last thing which is good for energy and restoring proper adrenal function is adaptogenic herbs, these are some of my favorite herbs. Not only are they great for an adrenal friendly energy-pick me up, but they also have loads of other health benefits from immune system boost, liver health, blood pressure and so on. Good sources are jiaogulan, schizandra berry, ashwagandha root, maca root, suma root, licorice root and siberian ginseng.


  • Phase 1 and Struggling!

    water kefir is a good non milk kefir. If it was store bought fermented foods there useless.

    licorice root is good at healing the gut also and anti-candidial/immune stimulative/supportive to the adrenal glands also.


    Bucha Belly