Recipe Directions

Step: 1 - Roast the Ragi Flour

Take a pan to add 1 TSP of Ghee and add  1 cup of Ragi Flour keep the flow on low and roast it 5 Minutes


Step: 2 - Roast Few Cashewnuts

Take a Tempering pan add 2 TSP of Ghee and add the cashew nuts. Once Cashew turns the golden brown color turn off the stove and keeps it aside. 


Step: 3 - Melts the Jaggery

Add 1/2 cup of the water to the saucepan then add 150g of jaggery let the jaggery melt completely. Once the jaggery is completely dissolved boil it for 2to3 minutes. turn off the stove. strain the jaggery syrup and keeps it aside.


Step:4 - Make the Laddu

Transfer the roasted ragi flour to a bowl add the Cardamom Powder and roasted cashew nuts. Start Mixing Everything together. Pour the Jaggery Syrup as required. Now mix all come together. Finally Roller into small laddus.



Nalinin's Thoughts

By nalinin

Ragi Laddu is a very healthy recipe for Everyone.

Helps in Controlling Diabetes
Loaded with Calcium
Reverts Skin Ageing
Battles Anemia
Relaxes the Body

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