New Jersey

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Anyone in southern ocean county? Interested in sarting a pot luck?


  • I know this is from awhile ago, but just wondering how many raw foodist live in New Jersey and how you live raw in here. Thanks :)

  • I live in NJ. Monmouth County. I find it very easy eat raw here with so many health food stores in my area.

  • I guess there is not many of us in NJ. I'm in Ocean County

  • Even though it is called the garden state I find it hard to find local produce.

    Local organic is almost impossible. Sure I can drive 50min to whole foods or pay way to much at my 1 local health food store,but I really want to do the local thing you know. I find that the farm markets by me bring in produce from other states like washington, pa, ect.

    Toms River (about 30min. drive for me) however does have a nice farmers market only on wednesdays and i think just in the summer but there is acutually one organic farm that goes there :)

  • Hello from Glassboro.

  • Hi the59sound, hows the glassboro area for a raw foodist?

  • the59sound, do you go to Rowan? Or have you already graduated from college? If you don't want to say, that's fine, too.

    Chanie, I'm in Bergen County. I know several raw foodists in the area.

  • Hi Kaitlyn! Thanks for dropin a note here. It's nice to know I'm not the only one in NJ. I feel like I'm at the edge of the earth here sometimes :P

  • nope, just born and raised in this town.

    moving to morgantown, wv this spring for school, though.

  • Chanie, have you tried Check it out and search "raw foods". There may be a group in your area.

    the59sound, cool! WVU? A close friend went there and can't say enough about it.

  • I'm in Bergen County :)

  • I guess I have more options in Monmouth County. There are 4 health food stores and a Wegmans all within a few minutes and there are quite a few organic farmer's markets one even within walking distance of my home. Chanie..My parents live in Toms River, where is there one there?

  • The Toms River Farmers market is in Huddy Park on water street. I think this is the last wednesday :( her is the link

  • Hi Kaitlyn I have tried that site, nothing near me. thanks though :)

  • Hi audra.b from bergen. thanks for representing nj :) bergen is north jersey right?

  • Thanks for the link Chanie :)

  • Bergen county is the northeastern corner of NJ. Above Essex/Hudson and next to Passaic

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