Bread and cracker craving

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Hey im getting this craving to eat some sort of bread or crackers. What would you guys suggest eating raw that will help with this craving.


  • Cracker cravings for me usually = salt+crunch. I can usually get rid of this craving by slicing carrots and cucumber and enjoying them with guacamole and salsa (well, I'm allergic to tomatoes, so I don't do salsa, but I bet it would be yummy!). I also make nut cheezes and spread them over crunchy vegetables.

    There are a lot of flax cracker/bread recipes. I make chia crackers/bread instead because my stomach can't handle flax. I feel like I ate ground glass or something :S I can usually substitute chia in equal parts to flax in recipes that call for flax.

  • more fruit calories.

  • the thing is i eat alot of fruit already thats all i eat. im thinking im getting tooo much sugar and i wont stop eating, i wannt something non sweet.

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