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Red blemishes on raw

edited September 2012 in Health & Beauty

Hi everyone,

Since being raw I've noticed that the skin on my body in general has become smoother and softer, but the same is not true for my face. Many raw foodists boast glowing skin, but for awhile the under area of my eyes was getting red, dry, and crusty. I didn't know why this way and at first attributed it to detox—I went for months looking like this, hoping it would get better on its own. It wasn't until I read on another forum that gluten in oatmeal was really good for your skin that I decided to give it a try. Amazingly, it worked! Now that problem is almost completely solved. However, my eye area was not the only place effected. On one side of my chin I have really noticeable red, bumpy skin. It doesn't seem to be acne, but it's red and coarse and gets dry very easily. I'm wondering—am I missing something from my diet? I do my best to eat a variety of foods, including greens and fats. My mom suggested I take a B vitamin supplement, which seemed to show some improvement and first, though if I missed a day it would be as flaring as ever. It's particularly frustrating because my skin is so pale and it makes it quite noticeable. I've also been near 100% raw for close to a year, but the problem persists.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be lacking in my diet to cause my skin to react like this? What about something I could apply directly to the spot? Thanks! :)


  • It could be a number of things. I found that a gentle lotion that I regularly use on my skin and face actually makes the area around my eyes dry and flaky. I'm fine if I just use plant oils around my eyes. Could there be a similar situation for you?

    Getting a rash on your chin is very common in women. I'm afraid I don't have a specific suggestion, but drinking plenty of water is often helpful for any skin problem. It also sounds like you react well to B vitamins; why not take larger doses to try to build up some stores? Your body will be able to easily flush what it doesn't need. Zinc is also important for skin health, and a common deficiency in vegetarians.

    Finally, I've found that topical application of a 50/50 solution of apple cider vinegar and water is very helpful for clearing up skin rashes. You may want to make the solution stronger or weaker, depending on the sensitivity of your skin and the severity of the rash. It burns at first, but this usually goes away quickly.

    PS - I've used a product from the Karite Gold skincare line around my mouth with some success, though their website doesn't seem to exist any longer. It was a mixture of mostly shea butter and olive oil with small amounts of lavender and myrrh essential oils.

  • Hey Scooterjinx, I have had the same skin issues as you and it was due to food sensitivities - specifically nuts. The food sensitivies can be caused by many things but in the mean time maybe see if it's its something you're eating. I've been workin on healing my adrenal glands and leaky gut which has helped quite a bit....

  • According to chinese medicine, breakouts along the chin are due to liver toxicity. (It makes sense to me this could happen after going raw because the liver is cleansing the body due to this transition.) Personally, I wouldn't do a cleanse by supps or anything else because it puts more pressure on the body. A 24 hour water fast once per week is more moderate. It just frees up the body's energy for that time to put it towards healing/cleansing itself instead of digesting.

  • Thanks everyone! I tried the apple cider vinegar, and kept applying it repeatedly for a day or so. This made is really dry at first, but I could feel it tingling where the rest of my unblemished skin didn't react—obviously killing some germs! In case anyone else has the same problem, since my skin was still red, I tried applying a natural toothpaste until it dried, then after washing it off I used loads of medicinal cream (just something my mom had already). I was told toothpaste would get rid of the redness, though at first it just made it worse. Once my face was clear of all the gunk I put on it though, within a few hours I could peel off the flaky skin. So, at the very least, my skin is smooth now! I'm going to wait to see if the redness clears up before I put anything else on it besides cream, since it's freshly peeled. I'm fairly certain it's externally-related and not to do with my diet, so if anyone else has any ideas on how to make the redness go away from here I'd welcome suggestions :)

  • I found the more greens I eat the better. I also eat a lot of sea vegetables, spirulina, and blue-green algae. That will definitely give you "the glow." People have actually commented on my skin, asking me about where I had been on vacation because I look so tan, and I'm usually very fair skinned. And I've only been raw for about a month! Check out David Wolfe's book, Eating for Beauty, it has some great advice for foods that are great for skin, hair, nails, and of course overall health in general. It's all about finding the balance that works for your body. For me nuts can make feel tired and cause my skin to breakout.

  • Still having problems . . . any ideas? The oatmeal I use on my face seems to dry out that area, but sometimes it briefly helps the redness. I know it's not about what I'm eating, because no matter how I alter my diet the problem persists.

  • Hey Scooterjinx, I had the exact same problem - it sounds like eczema which is a skin disorder usually caused by food sensitivities (mine is mostly nuts) and weak adrenal function. At the suggestion of Powerlifer (a member of this site) I started taking an Adaptogenic Herb supplement. It cleared up in 3 days - and I had tried EVERYTHING before this. I suffer from Adrenal Dysfunction which I had not been aware off and didn't realize the impact it had on my skin.

    See the Eczema thread/topic on this site and look for Powerlifer's comments....Hope it helps!

  • beaglelove,

    which herbs did you take? I have adrenal issues as well.


  • As an Italian, I've always been raised with the advice that olive oil is essential to beautiful and healthy skin. It's not BS. In Italy, everyone's skin glows. Try cold pressed.

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