I am curious.

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How long did it take for the cravings for non-raw foods? I am finding smell being my worst enemy....hot baked food items.


  • The best way to defeat cravings is to have delicious raw food that you love in the house at all times. This way anytime you are hungry or are being tempted by cooked foods, you have some tasty raw food to eat.

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  • I so agree with Swayze! Find the raw foods your love, for me it is raw food bars, stock up and enjoy when the cooked food cravings hit. http://tinyurl.com/6naswzr

  • Yes. I removed anything processed from my place, plus had my fridge and stove taken out. I know this probably isn't possible for everyone though, but it helped me more than anything ever. I had to do something, as my cravings can be horrendous.

    Now my cravings are rare. They only really kick in when I'm at my mom's. You can eat a pizza and chocolate shake in front of me and I don't care at all, but fried chicken I'm ashamed to say is something I have yet to resist. Also eggs: I had 14 scrambled eggs yesterday (at my mom's). I feel crappy for days afterward, but I try not to beat myself up over it and just move on.

    It would be so nice to be like those people who just can go cold turkey and never look back!

  • 14?! That's a lot of eggs! You must have been pretty hungry.



  • Lol, not really...just those damn cravings!

  • No to be pushy, but you may want to make sure you are getting enough calories and getting in your greens. Being capable of eating 14 eggs in one sitting could be a sign that you aren't providing what your body needs.



  • Oh hey, no, you're not being pushy! I've always been a HUGE eater of SAD food for almost 50 years. I just love food. I was a career distance runner in the '80s and I could REALLY put it away...stretched out my stomach.

    My guy Greg laughed when I told him someone thought I may not be getting enough calories!

    I eat up to 15 bananas a day, lots of blended greens and 16-32 oz fresh juice, seeds and nuts, avacodos and of course my beloved raw dairy when I can get my hands on it.

    I just haven't been able to phase out the eggs yet...last thing to go!

  • Hah, gotcha. :)



  • I found that after a couple of weeks being raw, basically all of my food cravings were gone. It's SO important to ensure you are getting enough protein and fat in your diet. If not, you'll have a ton of cravings for SAD foods and you'll always be hungry (hence the cravings). Also, if you find you're cravings haven't gone away, you are probably missing some vital nutrients. When your body is well fed, there is no need for it to crave anything really. :)

  • "It's SO important to ensure you are getting enough protein and fat in your diet."

    I agree, but it's pretty easy to get enough of both of these. As long as you're getting enough calories, you'll get enough protein. The same with fat. In fact, it's so easy to overdo it on fat with all the nuts, seeds, and avocados.

    The key to cravings is making sure you're getting enough calories and nutrients. You can accomplish this by focusing on fruit, getting in your greens, and limiting your fat intake.

    This is exactly what I do and I have no cravings whatsoever, even though I live with 3 other cooked food eaters!



  • You may find it will change. I used to love the smell of coffee, now I just smell acid. But of course, bread & butter still get me.

  • If I eat something with a really strong flavor, any cravings are forgotten once the taste buds are activated. I'm sure it's purely psychological, but it works.

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