Raw Juice at Tescos UK

edited December 2010 in Talk It Up

Just found out there is a new line of unpasteurised juices at good old Tescos. Yeah they stopped the green coconuts but they’re keeping us all happy with really raw juice now :0

There’s Valenia Orange Juice for £1.99/litre, Valencia Orange and Mango Juice for £2.29/litre and Orange and Raspberry Juice at £1.99/litre. What a bargain, so much cheaper than buying cart loads of oranges.

Just one thing I’m not clear on yet…the rasperry and orange one says it is made from oj and raspberry pulp, I will write and check the pulp is raw.I’m thinking and hoping it is, I mean if it was cooked wouldn’t it be raspberry concentrate?


  • I just bought some and it says it is unpasteurised, but it doesn’t taste raw! You know how raw juice kind of “bites” you, well this juice just feels dead.

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