Raw in Scotland?

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More about your new raw cafe here!:


Are U excited yet?


  • anyone?

  • Will definitely be checking this out when in the UK at the end of this year!

    —thanks for the info.. I love Edinburgh, now it will be even better.

  • Yaaay!

    Excited, yessss! :D

    Damn, I spent the whole summer in Edinburgh (placement at university), and now as I’m in Liverpool they open the raw cafe! ;)

    I love Edinburgh too! It’s a wonderful city…

    Before leaving the UK I defo have to visit Scotland again (and this funky cafe!)...

    See you tomorrow, Zoe ;))

  • oh hello, i think i know who it is! Yes see you tomorrow. I made 15 trays of bread for you lucky people!!

  • Hello everyone there, I too am raw in Scotland. I have started a group at http://www.giveittomeraw.com/groups/rawinscotland

    I heard about the cafe in Edinburgh, I think the website is

    www.red-sugar.co.uk for information about it. It’s so good to have the raw diet spread in Scotland.

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