Do you live in COLORADO?!

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If so I was wondering who would be interested in getting a group together for Delphines original post of

Delphine writes, Jan 25, 2008: (115 posts)

I will:

• introduce you to living food and raw low glycemic, low carbs sweeteners

• teach you how to easily prepare healthy, delicious, raw chocolate treats, deeply satisfying to the chocolate lover in you.

• lastly, taste them.

The Living Food Lifestyle is about stepping into a luscious world of extraordinary tastes and colors. Savouring delicious, healthy gourmet living food (vegetarian, uncooked, unheated, unprocessed, organic, filled with nutriments and enzymes). Rejuvenating and thriving on a body, mind and spirit levels. Transforming your Life for the best.

• Cost: $45. This class fills up quickly. In order to reserve your space, it is recommended to register early & to pay in advance. For registration & directions, please contact Delphine Hano at (510) 526 8467.

For more information:

Thank you.

She said if I could get a group together she would be interested in traveling to colorado. Even if we don’t do a class I am just curious to see who all the other people are from Colorado and would love to meet up with other raw foodists to exchange recipes, ideas, places to shop (co-ops?), nutritional tips, etc. Can’t wait to hear from you all!



  • This was posted more than a year ago, but I thought that I would reply and say that I am interested in meeting other raw foodists in Colorado.

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