Would you love durian if it wasn't stinky?

edited December 2010 in Food Preparation

Marketing guru Seth Godin writes today that Songpol Somsri has made an odorless durian.

The Seattle Times says:

The durian, a spiky fruit native to Southeast Asia, has been variously described by its detractors as smelling like garbage, moldy cheese or rotting fish. It is banned from many hotels, airlines and the Singapore subway. But durian lovers  and there are many, at least in Asia  are convinced that like fine French cheeses, the worse the smell, the better the taste.

Seth predicts that the project is doomed, stating:

Will stinkless durian revolutionize the marketplace? Possibly. I’ve been wrong before. But if I were a durian farmer, I’d work hard to make durian stinkier.

What do you think? Could you love an odorless durian?

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