Local school goes health mad!

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Heard this today at work so just had to share!

A local school is trying to promote healthy eating and deter kids for eating the usual evils, chocolates etc.

Apparenty some parents were unhappy as the kids luncboxes had been “de-SAD”!.. The sandwiches, chocolate and crips removed.. they were all left with an apple and banana..

This made me smile anyways this afternoon..


  • When I used to work in a fast food restaurant,I saw many parents ordering diet soda for their young children—I’m talking about 7, 8 years old. Diet Soda is the worst of all SAD food, in my opinion. The parents think they’re saving the kids from excessive calories, but they did not know how bad diet soda is for those little bodies.

  • well that made my day:) thanks i needed that!

  • That’s funny! How about when the schools all changed their school dinners after the Jamie Oliver TV programmes expose on how awful they were. There were stories in the newspaper about mums feeding their kids junk food through the playground railings!

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