Baby Steps, finding my way

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I am a wife and mother of two. I work full time as a marketing specialist.

Right now I’m a total “flexitarian†– I’d love to be vegan but I have yet to give up eggs, real ice cream and seafood (seafood is rare and so far only comes up when sushi is involved. Other diary was easy to say good bye to as well as meats. Don’t miss them a bit. I’m sure these last remaining things are soon to follow though I’ve already found myself wanting them less and less.

Anywho – why am I here? Good question. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and raw food diets seem like a fab-o idea. I’m going to be starting out small. One day a week, then two days a week etc.

My husband and son are not trying to be vegans of any kind but since I do the shopping and the cooking they are mostly flexitarian as well. Go figure!

Besides talking about food which I could do at great length so let’s not get me started – I also enjoy art, scrapbooking, READING and playing with my kids!

In my spare time (huh, spare time?) I am also the regional shipping director and chair of the fundrasing department of a non-profit called

That’s me – in a nut shell. I have about a million recipes saved already and I can’t wait to try them out! “Raw cookie dough” are you kidding me, I’m so there!!

I have a food blog so if you also have a blog let’s be blog buddies. I always need new ideas!

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