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  • Eating cooked food made me ill!

    Had a craving for cooked, hot food, as it is nearly winter in the UK! Fridge was empty, never a wise situation AND I’d got soaking wet on way home from class (shoes, socks, hat, all layers, haha). Omgosh... So deadly ill after eating (bloated, sleepy... Coma sleepy, and can hardly breathe, made infection flare up in my teeth/gums and elsewhere in body, mucus formed right away, too, feeling terribly, almost immediately from eating a lightly cooked, semi-rawish (the carrot shreds and spinach, chopped green herbs, were not cooked), vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free vegetable and cashew nut dish. Been mostly fruitarian and a bit of breatharian, here and there when I am super chill and have absolutely no work, stress, etc., as it became increasingly obvious that cooked vegan, gluten-free was making me unwell over time. Rather dramatic experience, and happy that I only bought a bit of the veg/nuts and loads of fruit, as I am going right back on my mucus-free, lymph detox supportive food. Hard to believe I was so foolish (Dr Morse would cringe, haha) when I was experiencing vibrant health, amazing skin, tons of energy, elimination of bloat and all digestive issues after a few months of frugivore joy. Feel really daft, yet glad to find this forum and see that I'm not the only one, and going to get a good umbrelly and rain boots and actual raincoat (despite student budget frugality). 


    PS. By fruitarian, I mean high carb/low-no fat 80/10/10rv per Dr Graham. If I am hungry, detox is too severe, then I need to up my calorie intake (bowls of monofruit, blended grapes and whole lemon smoothies, etc) and try to follow mouth hunger for particular fruit. Fat from avocados, nuts and seeds, or coconuts, etc, in more than minimal amounts, can create insulin resistance and clog the lymph system and lead to new or exacerbate old major health problems.