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  • vitamins on a raw diet

    B12 and D3 are commonly recommended for vegans. Some reputable brands for B12 include Garden of Life, Jarrow Formulas, and Nature Made.

  • warts -- advice?

    For those suffering common warts, try Mintree Melt. It is effective. Remember to apply a bandage after putting the product on the skin.

  • Sick when eating cooked food

    I need some advice, help, tips, incite, etc. I have slowly been trying to go raw for the past month. I went completely raw for about 1 week, but stopped due to bowel issues (not pretty when you are work). Anyways, that was about 3 weeks ago. Then last Sunday after eating pretty much 95% raw foods, I eat a baked green pepper with rice and some sauce. That next morning I was so sick. Like my body was rejecting the food. It felt like I had the stomach flu. Then on Monday and Tuesday I eat all raw, and decided to experiment. On tuesday I eat some sauteed veggies (corn, green pepper, broccoli, etc.) This morning I was sick again with stomach flu like symptoms. Can anyone tell me what’s going on? Is my body rejecting cooked food? Has anyone else experienced this? I have a theory that maybe my body is having to produce my acid to digest these cooked foods, therefore it is making me sick since my digestive system isn’t used to that anyone more.

    Please help! Thanks!

  • Anyone from the Columbus Ohio area?

    You could try " Columbus Vegan Meetups" . It's a free group to join and they do meet and have events. Probably some raw vegans in there. Good luck!

    Full Time Raw VeganClaireT
  • SEVERE joint pain.... Detox?

    Ouch! I hope you start feeling less pain soon. 

  • Mucus detox on *only* high raw??!!

    Well, because we're in the middle of moving to another place better suited to my medical needs and are packing up and whatnot, we're really low on groceries, I decided to compromise and add some of my brother's peanut butter to my fruit smoothie just for some added calories till we go grocery shopping. It's nasty Kraft peanut butter, with all kinds of added sugars, but I thought that if I just used it as kind of an emergency fill in for the next few days it wouldn't due any irreparable harm. Well, not only do I feel just plain icky and sluggish on all that fat and chemicals, but my throat has gotten sore and I've gotten a little bit of a mucus reaction again. In a backwards way, I'm glad I took it because i think it helped me discover something - I think I have a corn allergy! The only ingredient which match up between my canned formula and the peanut butter is maltodextrin/corn dextrin. I've been having another corn allergy symptom which is a painful, bumpy, cracking, non-healing blister on one of my fingers which I couldn't for the life of me figure out the cause of. I wonder if I actually developed a corn allergy purely due to being on formula for so long with corn syrup and maltodextrin. I've heard before of people developing food allergies due to the extremely limited nature of the food ingredients in the formulas alone - you are eating the exact same ingredients every single day seven times a day without variation.

    I've been having a lot of mucus/sore throat issues before going raw, and I assumed this was just sinus irritation due to my facial nerve damage, or dehydration, so I would take lots of water and it would help somewhat - perhaps because the water was helping my body flush out the corn faster!

    Of course I haven't taken any allergy tests, but I've been reading that when it comes to corn, allergy tests are inconclusive at best. To me the fact that the only similar ingredient between the two foods which produced a reaction is maltodextrin is conclusive enough for me, and it explains a lot of the previously unexplainable problems I've been having. I guess this means any supplement, liquid vitamin, medication, etc that I might ever decide to take, I would have to check the ingredients carefully. And also I guess I should probably avoid getting any frozen veggie mixes for my blender which have corn kernels in them.

    It's astounding when you start learning how many foods, packaging materials, clothing materials, and consumer goods have corn derivatives in them. Between that and soy, seems like it's invaded everything! I remember seeing something from the documentary Food Inc which said that almost everything you buy in the grocery store (aside from fresh produce, i would presume) contains corn derivitives. Which I guess make s a raw diet even better for me now...

  • Mucus detox on *only* high raw??!!

    Yikes, jakkrabbit, I hope you're feeling better now! Thanks so much for sharing that...made me feel like I had nothin' to complain about.

    Sisterbecky and germin8, thanks to you, too. It's really abated now, thank god. I appreciate the input. I guess, given where I live here in the Ohio Valley, it could easily have been allergies or (another) cold. It was so sudden-onset!

  • Mucus detox on *only* high raw??!!

    Yup, absolutely!

    I had sinus drainage (wasn't even raw) and 'fixed' it by drinking 64 oz of water a day... and at times taking about 1/4 tsp sea salt sublingually.

    A friend of mine went vegan and cut sugar out. Whenever she craved sugar, she ate a banana and soon after she was getting allergies (she never had them before). So, there may have been a potassium/sodium imbalance, b/c adding sea salt to her diet got rid of the allergies.

    Try just taking sea salt sublingually and drinking your water... and I've done salt water cleanses for sure, but not for mucus/sinus drainage/allergies so I can't advise if that will work.

    Wow, what a story jakkrabbit. Glad you're better.

  • Mucus detox on *only* high raw??!!

    Yup, it's detox. Your body is cleansing itself of mucus, toxins, waste, etc. The same thing happened to me the first half week of going raw. Sore throats are a pretty common detox symptom. It should clear up in about a week.

    The funny thing for me was, after going raw, I decided to go back to my canned formula (I live on a stomach tube) for a little while just to save some money while we're in the middle of paying a damage deposit and first months rent on a new place. My canned formula has chicken and milk in it, and when I tried to go back on it, not only did I have absolutely no energy and constant blood sugar crashes, but my body reacted violently to the meat/milk - I had such an immense mucus reaction that I was drowning in it. I could not breathe through my nose, I could barely swallow because my throat was so full of it, and I could barely breathe through my mouth, I was gasping for air. The mucus was so thick I couldn't even spit it out. It was frightening. My throat was agonizingly sore. I switched back to raw and I'm fine. I'm never going back to my canned formula, period.

  • Mucus detox on *only* high raw??!!

    Hi all,

    I've been vegan high raw for exactly 3 weeks now--about 75-80% I suppose...the non-raw stuff has been mostly steamed veggies and quinoa, although there have been one or two dinners w/brown rice or wheat crackers. And I have one cup of coffee every morning, but sometimes only get through half of it.

    I have SO MUCH simus drainage!!! It is CONSTANT. And exhausting. I am blowing my nose allllll day long, and have had a mild sore throat. I do live in the midwest and it is winter, but still. I've never had this kind of simus "thing" as a nonraw person, even back when I ate dairy.

    Is this detox? I didn't think I was raw "enough" to experience something so dramatic.

    On a side note, has anyone done a sea salt/water cure for this?