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  • Is canned coconut milk or coconut cream raw?


    I'm getting mixed answers about canned coconut milk or coconut cream being raw.

    What are your thoughts? 

  • Are migraines normal when going raw?

    Hi Thessa

    I think a lot of people get migraines when the body is getting rid of toxins. 

    How are you feeling now?

  • Bad for the pancreas?

    Hi all :) Freshly-squeezed fruitarian here! I've read somewhere that this diet can put strain on your pancreas though; I feel fine currently but it's worrying me slightly. Any of you had any such issues? Thanks x

  • How do I keep motivated?


    Yeah too many calories is definitely the problem for me, i find myself craving these things a lot. Im going to try your method of keeping low calorie snacks around, though i do already have plenty of fruit around, but i was wondering if i should eat more and if this will stop the cravings?



    ClaireT said:

    Hm. Are you worried about too many calories or just generally ending up over full? I can see worrying about eating too much peanut butter, etc. There are a ton of calories hiding in just a few spoonfuls. 

    I usually keep grapes and other fairly low-calorie foods around to snack on so they're more of a snack than a meal. They're easy and act as a decent substitute for all of the other things I would probably end up reaching for.  


  • How do I keep motivated?

    TammiTrue said:

    I think fruit is a safe bet if it cures your cravings. It really depends if it helps or if it just causes more cravings. I think we're all unique in that and sometimes it depends where you are in your raw foods journey. 

    Thanks, im not very far in (about three days) but im starting to get the sense that with raw foods, the urge to stop eating once full is actually stronger!

  • Do you still eat cooked food?

    Hi,  I have been vegan for years. Recently I have been fully raw for about a month now. I feel amazing. But was just wondering if any people ever still have cooked food? As I find myself craving some steamed sweet potatoe etc

    Anyone have experience in being mostly raw but being able to also eat heated food on occasion?



  • Candida and feeling weird

    This is an older post but will post response... 


    A white tongue shows normal detox. The less coated your tongue, the clearer your system.

    Candida is a parasite and can get out of balance.


    Symptoms of an out of balance system due to parasites:


    Feeling run down and low immune system

    Bloating, stomach pain  and diarrhea


    low grade fever and flu-like symptoms

    cravings for sugar, yeasty breads, fatty foods, alcohol

    Entity issues

    Dispelling worms


    A good parasite or candida cleanse is important to use twice a year.

    There are several packaged herbal supplement programs. Google "parasite" or "candida" cleanse.


    If there is an alcohol addiction or sugar addiction, taking a parasite cleanse can cut cravings by up to 40%.

    This is because our stomach lining is the same type of tissue as our brain. When the critters are hungry, we think we are hungry.


    Brightest Blessings,

    Antonia Blue Star Energy Healer


  • Candida wack job

    I think our systems can take any sudden change badly, even if it's a move in the right direction. I'd give yourself a little time to adjust. 

  • Candida wack job

    Hey everyone-just lookin for some guidance and support around this killing candida thing. Its been a week with no sugars at all and while i do have far fewer symptoms and absolutely no sugar cravings, i also feel like shit-tired in a way ive never felt before, cranky, irritable, low motivation-like some cranky old woman has taken over my body. Gotta say, not such a fan. Is this normal ya’ll? Die off symptoms or somethin else? Would love any insight thanks!

  • How do I keep motivated?

    ClaireT said:

    Welcome to the community!

    Tell us a little about your diet. What are you overeating the most?

     mostly vegan things like peanut butter, cocoa, coconut icecream, etc