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  • Best Juicer?

    After 2 years of using Breville BJE200XL centrifugal juicer, I found that I grow from it. On the start of my juicing journey, I use mostly citrus fruits, but with new experience I start to prepare most advanced juice, use vegies and sometimes wheatgrass, and I understand that centrifugal juicer do not satisfy my needs. This year I buy Omega J8004 masticating juicer, and now I can definitely say that a good masticating juicer can help you have a good juice taste. I do not want to say that centrifugal juicer make worse juice, consistence is not good enough for me now. For newbie in juicing, I will recommend to buy a centrifugal juicer for first time, because it is cheaper than masticating, after one year you can definitely make a strong opinion about if you need a masticating juicer. Masticating juicers are more expensive, but it worth.

  • Best Juicer?

    zinfandel said:

    I need your advice about what kind of juicer I should get.

    I got the manual HealthyJuicer which is great for leafy greens and wheatgrass but is just not practical for everyday use or juicing large amounts. It takes forever to handpump enough for 1 nice sized glass.

    I am thinking of either getting some kind of centrifugal one (Breville) to inspire me to juice daily OR a single gear one (Champion or Omega or something else) for quality.

    What do you think?

     I will recommend the Breville fountain juicer, they are durable and fast. I have used the 1000-watt model and I could juice under 30-seconds. 
    I hope that helps


  • ? ideas for whole (unhulled) hemp seeds?

    I am able to get sproutable,unsterilized, unhulled hemp seeds here. i can get the hulled ones but they tasted bad and im not confident that they are not rancid. so id rather stick with the whole ones, which are fairly cheap, in any case. i also read that some of the protein is contained in the shell and it is better to eat the whole thing…but they are pretty “crunchy”... havent found any recipes anywhere using whole hemp seeds; ive been making hemp milk but straining it because i dont like the crunchy bits, but apparently i should be somehow consuming those too..? any recipe ideas. thanks


  • I hate my juicer! Help Please

    mamak, perhaps if you contact Champion's customer service and describe your problem, they will be able to offer a solution. Just a suggestion. Good luck.

  • How many of us ended our eating disorder by going raw?

    I would definatly say becoming raw has improved my relationship with food, ending my eating disorder all together though, is a different story as I believe its something that I'm going to have to deal with the rest of my life >< I've relapsed a lot of times since becoming raw, but it dosent effect my path any less.

    If people have been healed through raw, then I admire them for their strength in overcoming it (:

  • Bowel movements

    Greetings! New here. I have been totally raw vegan fruitarian since January of this year. I had been having health issues that encouraged me to go fully vegan about 6 years ago. However, I was on the teeter-totter for a while but now I am totally devoted to loving my temple. I just went on a 3-day water fast using honey as my glucose source to get me through it. On the day of breaking fast, I began the day with juiced celery, apples, & cucumbers. Then as the day went on I ate papaya, 1/2 of one at a time and then in the evening I had bananas. This morning's Bowel movement smelled like papaya and looked like papaya! My Question: Is that normal? I have read and been told that our bowel movements should be brown due to the bile mixing with the food and sausage shaped. 

    I have also noticed when I eat green smoothies, my poo looks just like the green smoothie. Hardly ever is my BM solid and for a while, before I decided to do the fast, it was sticking to the toilet bowl, even though it came out in soft blobs. It most always sank to the bottom with some floaters. 

    I just recently got the book 80/10/10 by Dr. Douglas Graham and have been learning to eat in that manner. I love how I feel eating fruits and leafy greens. Thanks for any info or advice in advance! laughing

  • Is it good to eat only when hungry?

    Is it healthy to eat only when you are hungry even if that means once a day? 

    PS: I use to do jogging for 3 hours every day

  • Is it good to eat only when hungry?

    If you do it once in a while it is probably fine, but I've read that doing it too often can lead to health problems. 

  • My Eyes Are Feeling Wierd

    laderrylh said:

    I’m very thankful to find this community. My wife and I and our kids have been 100% raw for 26 days now. Things are have been well with everyone except for me. I’ve been experiencing some Heavy detox symptoms the past 8days. Flu like symptoms, chills and crazy migraines and coughs. I’ve been coughing up tons of mucus. Never seen anything like it. My energy feels great but the cough still lingers. Last night I had the biggest piece of mucus that came out of my eye. Woke up This morn and my right eye is bloodshot red. Thought I’d share my experience as well. Thank you all for sharing your journeys. It helped me a great deal!

     Welcome to the community!

  • Help! Feeling light headed!

    Wow, 50lbs in 50 days. That’s amazing… and it sounds like you are still going strong with the raw food diet! Maybe the light-headed-ness was sign of detox. Did you have detox symptoms at the start? I know there are a few phases of detoxing… (I think, 5 total). When my in-laws were 10-days raw, they both got dizzy and lightheaded. I now believe they were not eliminating toxins fast enough! The body was de-toxing, but the toxins weren’t being taken out of the body. Gotta get that waste out… it must come out… by hot-cold saunas, exercise, drinking water, flushes, etc.