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    What kind of classes? There are courses available to members of this site if you're interested in learning how to become a raw vegan.

    The Rawtarian
  • I made the raw potato chips!!!!! They seriously taste like real potato chips!!!

    Thank you so much queenfluff for sharing that awesome salt and vinegar potato chp recipe!!! BY ALL MEANS I ENCOURAGE EVERYBODY TO TRY THEM!!!!!!!!!!

    I did a few things differently, they tasted seriously like cooked potato chips!!!

    Step 1: Take as many Yukon Gold Potatoes as you can afford because you’ll be sorry if you don’t make enough of them. I certainly was. I cut them very thinly with a sharp knife, but you can use a spiralizer if you have it because this method was a lttle time consuming. They were thin little slices. Put them in a large bowl.

    Step 2: Pour a few cups of raw red wine vinegar on the potato slices. You’ll need more vinegar depending on how many potatoes you cut. Queenfluff used apple cidar vinegar, but since I didn’t have that available, I used red wine vinegar. Just do what works for you. Shake some salt on them and let them soak for 1-2 hours. Longer soaking makes them more digestble, because the vinegar digests the potato starches and other things. The vinegar seems to be a key ingredient in the digestbility of the potato.

    Step 3: Pour the vinegar off the potato slices. Save it if you wish, because if you make these alot, it will waste alot of vinegar. Pour 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of cold pressed raw olive oil on the slices, and toss them around a bit. Drain the oil off, as again, it will be a waste if you make these alot.

    Step 4: Place the potato slices on a teflex sheet and dehydrate for 12-24 hours at 105 degrees, until crisp. I did 12 hours since I couldn’t wait, and man they turned out good.

    I will post the recipe with a picture, they turn out so much looking like real potato chips! (Oh and tasting like them too!!!!)

    All credit goes to queenfluff and wherever she found that recipe, this is awesome and you will be missing out if you don’t try these!!

  • Can we get rid of the bots?

    This forum is nice enough, but these bots are out of control.  I mean, no human would spam so much on a forum, though adding the word 'deleted' after the username is inspired.  But, any human would know that spam like this is going to be ignored and they're not just wrong, they're obvious scams! 

    This is why there is usually an approval process of joining this doesn't happen.  Maybe some members can volunteer to help be moderators so it's not all on the shoulders of those who made the site?  Any potential new members are going to be turned away by all of these scam spams.  

  • Would you like an accountability partner? From Australia btw.

    I love when things come together :)

    The Rawtarian
  • fruitarian

    Who here eats mostly fruit or says they are a fruitarian? I am curious on what you are eating and how much. I eat mostly fruit, well, for the last 2-3 weeks mainly. I have pretty much cut out most dehydrated foods, a little here and there is about it. i am wondering if i am not eating enough or not properly. yea, i know that sounds funny, not eating enough. I have seen what some people as fruitarians eat and i am pretty active, but thats a whole lota fruit! I have been watching my food combining too. I have noticed some changes that i am not too happy about since i have been more fruitarian and dont know what is going on….. I know that is a lot of questions but any insite would be great. thanks

  • Would you like an accountability partner? From Australia btw.

    Hey did you find anyone? Looking also. Maybe we could start a messenger group type thing??? ❤️

  • Returning to Raw & looking for support

    Well, as I said I'm not doing this as a resolution.  The timing is simply coincidence.  As for making something my resolution, I never make one.  I used to, but eventually they became something to be disappointed in rather than motivating for positive changes.  

  • Hey im new!!

    Uncooking/Unbaking is what they say when someone is talking about making raw vegan dishes since there is no actual cooking or baking involved (closest is when you dehydrate which isn't considered cooking so long as the temp stays below 120 F).

  • Digestion

    I have IBS and a host of digestive issues.  When I'm raw, my body takes time to get to 'normal' but it almost always happens.  The high amount of fiber on a raw diet helps to clean out your colon as well.  So, if you were constipated before going raw, and then when you went raw your body 'eliminated' what was in your bowels, then the high fiber you've been eating is probably why.  I know how uncomfortable constipation can be!  I'm glad that raw helped.

    Claire is right about food combining.  I found it also helps with my issues and something I pay attention to when my digestion feels 'off'.

    Also, I've found that the more comfortable I've been with being raw, the less I worry about food.  It becomes second nature to know 'this is good for me, this isn't good for me, etc' and you worry less and less.

  • Fibromyalgia and diet

    Thanks hon!  I am very optimistic :D  I'm glad that your arthritis has been reduced so much!  That's fantastic!