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  • "gently pasteurized"????

    i think it means they swaddle the juice in a little baby blanket and sing it songs while they’re heating it.


  • Trying Raw Again...

    just fell down the rabbit hole today but time in my life is scarce so I’m intensively cramming across section of brilliant pages into my cheek pouches to digest more fully later. I am a multiethnic master vegan chef please try not to giggle but I’ve never done raw foods other than as they accompany cooked foods so I’m learning so much my little brain is on fire I appreciate any help links book recommend links book recommendations or kindness thank you

  • Need to find a lawyer who practices a raw vegan diet

    I don’t know any lawyer that specializes in the medical area. However, I can still advise you on the lawyer I usually contact when something bad happens to me, and I need to take legal action.
    You can talk to and see what they say about that. They are good lawyers that helped me not once, and I trust them more than the other law firms. I am not sure about any of their lifestyles, but you can give it a try and see for yourself whether it fits you or not. You will not have to pay anything for the first consultation call, and you can discuss all the questions that bother you there.

  • Need to find a lawyer who practices a raw vegan diet


    I was hoping someone could refer me to a lawyer who practices a raw vegan diet or is open to the lifestyle, and who might give me some legal advice regarding the acne drug Accutane. I just read that it has recently been pulled off the market for its link in causing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (along with other dysfunctions). Unfortunately I took this

  • Newborn baby formula?

    I breast feed my first born until 9 months since I have an abundant milk supply thank God for that. Now in my second baby I'm still planning to do it until how many months he wants. Though he's still not eating solids yet, I'm still breast pumping for stash.

  • Help!! Recurring Herpes Outbreaks

    Hi everybody

    Yes this is embarrassing but I just don’t know where else to turn for advice. I have gotten cold sores (the oral herpes virus) for the last few years, but usually only 1 outbreak a year or so. I went raw about 3 months ago and since then I have been having outbreaks every 2 weeks. It is killing me. The outbreak lasts about 5 days and then a week and a half later it happens again. I can’t help but think it’s detox, but I feel like I am just suffering here and I’m wondering how long this is going to last. Has anybody been through anything like this and how long can detox take? I can’t take these constant recurring outbreaks for much longer. Does anyone know about herbal remedies that I might try? Anyone who has suffered from oral herpes knows it’s uncomfortable and embarrassing. I don’t know what to do!

    Thank you!!

  • Help!! Recurring Herpes Outbreaks

    Because I have had the same problem, mainly around Thanksgiving and Christmas when I’m making tons of nut-based sweets and waking up to an almond milk smoothie every morning, I just wanted to add my $.02—the L-arginine / Lysine ratio seems to be at main fault. Luckily, Lysine as a supplement turns out to absorb and assimilate rather well.

    While your cold sores are healing, you’ll probably want to stay away from citrus and other foods with high acidity. The acidity around your mouth just makes it harder for your skin to rebuild.

    When you go to bed at night, make sure you cover your lips in a lip balm that’s high in palmitic and stearic acids. I found shea butter to be the absolute best. The Druide Karite balm is a great product, though hard to find. Shea butter apparently assists in collagen production.

    Coconut oil with its lauric acid (medium-chain fatty acid) content is reportedly anti-viral. I don’t feel I got much relief from it; your mileage may vary.

    There is some evidence showing that red wine compounds combat the Herpes simplex virus. Google “red wine cold sores” and see if this might be useful to you.

  • Help!! Recurring Herpes Outbreaks

    I recently had a procedure that caused a good deal of trauma to my mouth. I was warned if I had ever had a cold sore that the procedure would cause me to have a serious outbreak and I was advised to take a Rx for the week prior to the procedure. I did not recall ever having a cold sore so I didn’t take the meds (and I don’t trust meds if I can get along without them). Two days after the procedure both of my lips were developing cold sores from one end of my mouth to another. I began researching safe and natural alternatives. I found them and they work. Within 24 hours of taking the products, the cold sores stopped. In three days they were gone. I took Lysine and GSE and applied lemon balm ointment to my lips.

    Lysine is a natural amino acid that stop the food source for herpes.

    Physicians have observed that the herpes simplex virus becomes inactive just ten minutes after the application of grapefruit seed extract. I used to take GSE almost daily, putting 10-15 drops in a little water up to 3 times daily if I have something I am trying to control. It will wipe our candida too, assuming you aren’t feeding it with sugar. If you are going to use it topically, it is VERY strong so be sure to dilute 3 drops in a tablespoon of oil. If you don’t, it can temporarily damage the tissue.

    There is some information supporting the use of lemon balm, but the information available on Lysine and GSE controlling herpes is extensive.

    Avoid taking L-arginine supplements or foods rich in L-arginine because it feeds and supports the herpes virus.

    You can google herpes and any of these products and find plenty of different links you can investigate.

    Good Luck. Cold sores really suck and they are incredibly painful.

  • Help!! Recurring Herpes Outbreaks

    I did get that ones a year to my lips and i learnt to use a peppermint essential oil!!

    It really do help. Ever since i put it daily to my lips because it also plumps them lips! My lips tend to shrink and go blue when its cold, but not anymore! Been using it for a 2 years now and only ones got a cold sore. And when it came i even put a Tea Tree essential oil to my lips, and i think that was even faster healing than with the peppermint. Try one of them! 

  • carrot juice stains

    I don’t think the stain indicates the presence of bacteria. I recently bought a Lexen juicer, which has a regular and wheat juice auger. The one for regular fruits/veggies is orange and the one for wheatgrass is green. I remembered fighting with the stains on my Omega and thought coloring the augers was really a smart idea.