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  • Oh yeah…that sounds good! Gotta make the dough kinda light and fluffy somehow…will think on it but when you all get a recipe worked out PLEASE post!
    in funyons Comment by ambikalee
  • Hello Mamas! I have two kids 4 and 5. I am vegan but my children and my ex are not. I found that a totally relaxed attitude works best for me (especially since I have no control over what they eat at thier dads house). I also find that having lots …
    in Raw with Kids Comment by ambikalee
  • Do yourself a favor and at least soak them for 8-12 hours. So that you can benefit from the enzymes. If you dont soak them they have enzyme inhibitors that will force you to use your enzymes for digestion…let the nuts do the work for you! Go enzyme…
  • It was mentioned briefly but I wanted to bring it up again… BANANAS!!! Cheap and super good for you! Also SUn SEEDs and Sesame Seeds for your protein! Sounds like things are going well…good Luck!
  • Birdseed…I am so excited about your recipe book…keep me posted…
  • WOW! You are all such shining spirits! Well said! Its all about acceptance and personal choice. We can only lead by example and if people are “ready” they will begin to change! Many blessings to us all!
  • If you use their kitchen and even better become an employee you will be covered by them. You could come in when they are closed and make your goodies. There are other ways to get around the laws, check and see what your area wants and then look for …
  • Do an Oj Fast!!! I wish I had lots of oranges…LUCKY!
    in ORANGES! Comment by ambikalee
  • NOOOOOOO!!!!!! THis soo totaly SUCKS!! I am completly bummed and am wondering if I can get my money back, I love my Vitamix!! DAMN IT!!!! I dont know about the blade or the grade of Stainless Steel but the old vitamix container was metal, as if that…
  • Yep, But I heard a great quote that, “All Americans have some form of eating disorder!” Lori Miller
  • Ya folks ya eat it for its goodness, but if you are trying to get stoned, it is fat soluable as mentioned before so definatly go for the coconut oil and heating to 110 degrees, or it is also alchol soluable so you could make some honey mead with it …
  • I also swear by eating 3 to 5 cloves of raw garlic, and drinking tons of honey ginger lemonande!
  • Lara Bars or Tahinin milk shakes with banana and carob.
  • Check out Victoria Butenkos (Sp?) GREEN FOR LIFE!!! Basically If I were having this problem I would go on an all green smoothie fast for at least a week. This will build your Hydrachloric acid the natural way and then definatly have 2 a day untill y…
  • I heard that you can put tea tree on them everyday and it will dissolve them!
    in Warts Comment by ambikalee
  • Yeah I agree you dont even need to say “I am a raw foodist now”. Just keep doing your thing and projecting a positive reaction from friends and FAMILY and they will respond to your positivity. Definatley share recipes and look for healthy buddies wh…
  • Hey lapetitemort! Also a lack of vitamin K aka potassium while cause bruising, so stock up on bananas , which also help with our ladies cycles! Peace
  • Hey lovesPeter, I HEAR YOU!!!!! I am also having a hard time going through a very large life change, with many ups and downs. I am also having a hard time taking care of myself, when you have to focus on survival and daily care of children etc it ma…
  • Hi odessa7! Sandalwood, Spikenard, Myyrh, Neroli, and Jasmine are all good! Sounds like you are a great friend!
    in Aromatherapy? Comment by ambikalee
  • Berks do make a vegan alternative!
    in shoes! Comment by ambikalee
  • Yeah Chlorophyll!! You can take it as long as you want, its just plant blood, its like eating lots of greens but without the fiber and other nutrients. When ever I forget or run out it takes a while before I start to smell again. Keep us posted on y…
    in Deodorant Comment by ambikalee
  • Yes Essential oils, you can find recipes online but you can basically get a spray bottle (dark glass is best to protect eo’s from degradation) fill it 3/4 way with witch hazel then add water but leave room for the essential oils, oils to use are sag…
    in Deodorant Comment by ambikalee
  • Hey all just a tip! You can take chlorphyl (sp?) pills or liquid supplement and within 3 days u will not smell! OR eat 30 pounds of greens a day! I didnt like the rock because my skin is sensitive and it gave me a rash! You can also make your own de…
    in Deodorant Comment by ambikalee
  • Forestlyone, I love the cosmic jjourney and yes it would be fun! I am tempted to try it even if it does sound totally repulsive!
    in DURIAN!!! Comment by ambikalee
  • I agree with the flexibility and understanding point of view but I think that this sites main goal is to increase awareness about the healthiest diet (which is also healthiest for the planet) that is currently know. I dont think that anyone expects …
    in 100% Vegan? Comment by ambikalee
  • Hey all I dont think this was mentioned so I thought I’d throw it in. Yes coconut are high in fats but they are also high in Lipase which is the enzyme that digests fat. So its kinda like a double negative, this is why they are helpful for weightlos…
    in Coconuts? Comment by ambikalee
  • Try juicing some ginger and make lemonade with it! ginger is great for reducing gas. Also any kind of chai spices they are carminative (good for the tummy)! I feel your pain..good luck!
  • I love this idea and I am sorry to saw I havent noticed before but now that you mention it it totally makes sense! Oh now I am gonna be listening to my food to see what it tells me. I would love to “hear” more! Thanks!
    in Vegie Meaning Comment by ambikalee
  • how bought protein replacements?
  • VITA MIX!!!! You can make juices, grind nuts make nut butters, ice cream, chop veggies, warm suops and so on. I LOVE MY VITAMIX! You can always dehydrate in a warm oven or by the sunshine. I use my Vita mix many times a day, I rarly use my dehydrato…
    in Appliances Comment by ambikalee