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  • Ages ago, our son ate some beets and he told me his urine came out pinkish red.
  • I too have Rheumatoid arthritis and sinus problems. Green tea extract will help. I take the extract from 'Healthspan'. It is high dose. I don't like the bitter taste of green tea. There was research done where they put R.A. cells?? in two petri dish…
  • Use white spirit vinegar. Not applecider vinegar. I have a load saved on my computer. Later on today, I will collect them up for you and post them.
  • There is nothing that can be done. You can take black cohosh. Don't take soya isoflavones as they increase the symptoms. Take it from me. All the above recommendations but if you use a moisturiser, use one that contains rose hip seed oil. It is bril…
  • I read that if you consume a supplement of alfalfa, too much can alter the red blood cells. I don't suppose a teaspoon in a jar, sprouted would do any harm. I have just ate my first jar of sprouted alfalfa and they are beautifully fresh.
    in alfalfa Comment by bluebells
  • W O W....a superfood. Thanks for the info. I have had some sprouting since the day after I posted this. They have roots and small green shoots now. I'll try them at his stage to see what they are like.
    in alfalfa Comment by bluebells
  • Which arthritis are you talking about? osteo, Rheumatoid? or what.
  • Give your pet 1 x cetyl pure every day. You get it from iherb.com. It is a mixture of fatty acids with cmo. cmo is very good. Plus, give your pet some glucosamine/msm. There are mixes for pets which is food flavoured and you sprinkle it on their foo…
  • I drink a carrot, apple and celery juice and then after about an hour, I eat something light. A cleaner body will help enormously. clear thinking, vibrant health. It is good to have a spiritual goal as well isn't it? God bless
  • I am a Catholic and I fast on water only on a Wednesday and Friday. It should be bread and water, but I decided to leave the bread out. What is the length of your fast. Anyway, fasting for God is more important than going raw. As you already know, p…
  • When I last juiced, In the winter, I mix the pulp with porrige oats and wild bird food and give it to the birds. They love it.
    in Carrot Pulp! Comment by bluebells
  • This is good. I felt like a failure when I couldn't stick to raw. I am still eating ,say, 1 carrot, a chinese leaf, an apple, a clementine, a banana, a tomato, a floret of broccoli, a lettuce leaf and a small handful of mixed nuts. I shall eat this …
    in Gone off raw Comment by bluebells
  • This is an old thread I know , but comfrey root ointment helps skin to grow faster. I used it when I scalded myself and there is no scar on my arm even though it was badly scalded. Comfrey ointment helped enormously.
  • I will never give up tea. It is rich in antioxidants. Besides, I enjoy it. I want to enjoy my life here on earth, and tea is one of the simple pleasures I enjoy. I don't drink it when I am eating anything raw though as the heat of it may destroy the…
  • Thanks for this reply. We never used to eat fruit. just the occasional apple. Now there is a huge variety. Blueberries, blackberries, bananas, blackcurrants, raspberries, strawberries, loads of grapes and grape juice etc., I know what you feel about…
    in Edgy feeling Comment by bluebells
  • Where can I find the recipe for Annie Pho’s Chick patties?
  • Thanks. So basically, the oil is pressed, then the extract is taken from the pulp. I drink grapejuice and use grapeseed oil for cooking when we eat cooked. I have started using grapeseed oil on my face. After cleaning my face, I put a little grapese…
  • Thanks Carmentina. This is just what I’ve been waiting for. I wonder where, in the uk can I buy grapeseed extract. I have grapeseed oil and grape juice, but not extract. When you say pain, exactly what do you mean and what can I expect. ALSO, is gra…
  • It’s just what happens with oats. It’s what gives porrige its texture.
    in What IS THIS?!!? Comment by bluebells
  • Thanks for all your input. My neighbour is into natural things, but is a meateater. There is no way she will eat raw but she will have juices. I will pass all this on to her and God bless you all.
  • Thank you so much for your advice. I think nutritional deficiencies because of the stress is very possible. I will give her your advice especially about the toxins and food intolerance and hope it helps her..
  • Thanks. I have had some buchwheat grains in a jar for ages and didn’t know what to do with them. I shall start them off today.
    in Buckwheaties? Comment by bluebells
  • What are buchwheaties?
    in Buckwheaties? Comment by bluebells
  • Lghtnthasky How much do you take when your not well?
    in Colloidal Silver Comment by bluebells
  • When you get a stomach upset (bug or what), or a bladder infection, drink 8 ozs glass of colloidal silver straight down and you will feel better. I think you do that once or twice.
    in Colloidal Silver Comment by bluebells
  • I only use colloidal silver when I need it. Colds flu other infections. Not every day. You get blue skin when you drink large amounts every day. When I gargle with it, I spit it out. During a cold, I take about 20 mls. every 4 hours till the cold ha…
    in Colloidal Silver Comment by bluebells
  • Alix 1962, The fact is, that we Christians are one big family. It doesn’t matter what our denomination. God loves us all, atheists included. We are all His children with the one Father. Families talk and when one of us needs help, we talk it through…
  • shgadwa, You know when the Lord has chosen a person, He exposes us to who we really are, WITHOUT HIM. It is the process of stripping us of our ego and self love. Self love meaning that part of us which only sees the good and brilliant side of us. Wh…
  • I buy 100% juices from asda and now I know it must be flash pasteurised, I will still buy it as it is cheaper with the two of us than fresh fruit.
  • Yes, put bonjella in taste the anise and off it comes. I will get some iglu just in case. I have looked into toothpast and don’t like what I read now. I will try just bicarbonate of soda for a while and see what happens.
    in Mouth ulcers Comment by bluebells