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  • detox concerns

    Well I am no doctor but I had the exact same type things happening from a distilled water fast. I went blind for a half day and that's when I stoped. I can see again and I'm healthy as ever. But there is no need to rush my love. If you are putting alkaline foods into your body aka raw fruits and veggies you are on the path to better health. Some veggies are harder to digest because of cellulose. So just slow it down. Ease into it. It's a marathon not a sprint. Hope things go well and you get to where u need to go. I also did drugs and abused my liver. So I think the symptoms are due to liver healing. Healing crisis are usually appearing in the wounded areas with rashes and mucus. 

  • Do you exercise every day?

    No you don't need to but exercise can help you get more energy by getting u more oxygen to your body. I'm fruitarian and exercise daily. But I think it's fine not exercising everyday. If you don't like typical exercise try fun forms if you're worried. If you're tired rest! Fruits are high detoxifiers and your body may be helping to repair or remove old toxins. So when u need to rest let that happen. If u really need energy try a plain green tea. It does wonders. 

  • Eating cooked food made me ill!

    Our bodies get use to not having the acid content and when eating raw you go more alkaline so your body can be detoxing other areas not so focused on digestion. So I would say the sickness came on due to the fact it wasn't expecting or prepared for a acid load and that's what you gave it. Gotta really gently ease into cooked foods not go for high dense starches and oil. Oops. Hope u feel better 

  • I need to lose stomach fat.

    Hi Kelly! There are a lot of good and varied tips here, but I carry weight in my abdomen and have been able to slim down a lot, so I will just share with you what has worked for me.

    For me, going fully raw, as opposed to high raw made all the difference in the world. I don't know why. Either the tofu and tempeh and grains were making me gain weight, or they were making me want to eat more and THAT made me gain weight. I don't know, but I lost the last few pounds that were stubornly hanging out there when I stopped. I also practice intermittent fasting. At least 12 hours starting at night. I try to do 16 each day, and I do this by finishing my last meal by no later than 7 and preferably before 5. I do not agree with what everyone here says about fat. In my experience, on a raw diet, I'm consuming a decent amount of fat (1 avocado a day plus a small amount of nuts with my salad as well as a small amount of olive oil. Sometimes some cashew cheese as a snack.). It doesn't seem to affect my weight. You mentioned eating a small side salad at night. I hate to do the tough love thing, but I don't think that will cut it. Try making it your main dish by filling a huge mixing bowl with greens and tons of vegetables. I post a lot of this on my IG page. Just search @veganrawview for some inspiration. The secret is to find a dressing you love. You can start with commercial dressings in the beginning while you look for a recipe you love. 

    As far as exercise goes, you have to find something you like. But I have personally found the best types of exercise for abs are Barre classes, rebounding, weight lifting (I just use 5 lb free weights), running, and of course, some type of quick crunch type routine. OH! A weighted hula hoop is another fun way to do it. I have done a lot of yoga in my life, I personally find this to be the slowest and most boring way to slim down. If you love it go for it, but if not, don't bother. Pilates is way better. 

    I hope my experience helps! I know how frustrating this area can be. Good luck!

     I posted before reading yours but! I just figured out this all recently after years of trying! Raw and Pilates is what's up :) and I was stuck with the tofu and granola and stuff to. Funny how tricky it can be. 

  • SEVERE joint pain.... Detox?

    Update from previous post. All of my symtpoms are reversing on raw fruit lifestyle. Notice as I go deeper into fruitarianism and deeper detox that I get periodic intense detox involving pain, emotional stuff, and that as I stick with raw fruit, be gentle with myself, I have tremendous healing following the crisis. All kinds of acid, 30+ years worth seems to be coming out. Also, started a brief trauma yoga practice to shake out body trauma pain (B Larkin on YT, only 11-12 minutes so easy/quick). That helps too. I found somewhere that the thigh muscles, the tops I think, relate to parental belief systems... and it seems that as I heal Inner Child(ren) and detox that I partly get pain from unwinding trauma and letting go of parental ideals (they abused or abandoned, neglected all of their six children). Some of the pain is in the thighs (though that seems nearly done after a year), and now it seems to be deeper in the back of my pelvis and lower spine (sexual trauma as a toddler and little girl) yet all diminishing with proper raw fruit diet, Inner Child work, some external support like TRE and the trauma neurogenic yoga, essential oils, salt baths, body talk, exercise, sauna, journaling, some shamanic work, etc. The healing and detox are very difficult, but the energy, joy, and freedom, pure physical, emotional, and mental healing that I feel after each crisis is amazing. So glad to have found this forum, as I did not know that one could feel body pain from unwinding the past as one healed arthritis, infections, and more, from systemic acidosis. Amazing! Going to add in a more regular sauna and do a longer term lemon grape fruit fast. So excited! To your health. PS. Had to cut raw veggies as they made the infection and other symptoms far worse (especially avocado which I researched only to learn that scientists in Ireland discovered that fat increases infection). So, my healing ramped up from cutting fats, salt, and raw veggies.

     This sounds so much like my story Ive basically went blind to have my eyes heal themselves on raw fruit and Ive had so much emotional healing that I didn't know has existed. Yoga has been saving my life and I finally feel like I can kick this acidosis in the butt. So hard when you feel like you're healing then bam pain and weird things the doctors can't explain. Ive learned to listen to my higher self and trust the foods are whole energies sources and it is all medicine. I'm feeling so much better to!!