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Any Raw Atheists?

edited November 2011 in Other Stuff

The question was asked for Muslims and Christians, so I have to ask. Are there any Raw Atheists out there?


  • Great question! Ha ha ha

  • Definitely! :)

  • Absolutely! I put my faith in people and nature

  • Good to see I'm not alone ;^)

  • There was a thread started a while back for Atheists & Agnostics. Seems to be quite a few on here :)


  • Me as well.



  • Me too.

    In the beginning MAN created God.

  • And the Devil too!

  • Glad to see a lot of Atheists If your in the San Diego area (Shameless plug coming) why don't you join the Humanist Association of San Diego Tuesday nights at 7 PM @ the Cafe Libertalia in Hillcrest for some Coffee and Conversation

  • atheist here (at least when it comes to a personal god), vegan, about 50-75% raw depending on the day/season.

  • So are you saying you have to believe to be 100% raw

  • Meeeeeeee :)

    @Ultrasaurus - I like that... "In the beginning MAN created God."

  • I'm agnostic, not atheist. I've searched for YEARS and all answers led me to that certain 'God' being created. You're right, Ultrasaurus. Glad to see a thread like this!

  • You could say I believe in God, but not in the way, say, Christians and Muslims do. I mean who really knows? And he's (why'd we even start refering to dieties as "he" anyway) certainly not out to punish us or ban us from sex. When you look at life seperate from established religion--it becomes pretty clear that while perhaps they hold nuggets of truth, they are largley scams and definitley man-made.

    In other words, I'm not anti-spirituality, just anti-established religion (which are essentially all cults).

  • Definitely don't have any imaginery friends or beings!!!

  • Born Again Atheist Sept 04!

    I sometimes attend pagan events for the youngest, she's 14. She likes the community of circle rituals.

  • I am not an atheist.

    But I seriously dislike organised religion – I find it very oppressive, dogmatic and generally hate mongering. Just the very opposite of what Jesus was supposedly teaching.

    Their stance on things like abortion, female priests, homosexuals, contraception in poor nations, is very backwards.

    I don’t believe in a God that has a long white beard and who is sitting on a cloud judging us (like some demented santa claus on whether we have been naughty or nice)

    Some of the crimes committed and wars started in the name of religion are shocking. I remember reading somewhere that George W Bush said that “God told him it was OK to bomb Iraqâ€. I cannot believe in this day and age that there are actually people out there who believed this s***. Organised religion just dumbs you down and stops you taking responsibility for your actions.

    Organised religion works on guilt and scaring people. I had a pregnancy terminated when I was a teenager and the amount of religious damnation I have read about such a situation just goes to show how uncompassionate, nasty, blinkered and narrow minded some people are. It worries me greatly.

    I enjoy reiki for relaxation but organised religion calls this the devils work or evil – but that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, as reiki is always practised from love and compassion. Organised religion wants us under its complete control and does not want us to think for ourselves.

    However, I do consider myself to be spiritual and I try to live my life in that compassionate way. I don’t always succeed but I do try very hard.

    I believe in reincarnation, I believe we are all spiritual beings connected by energy, I believe in a “sourceâ€.....whatever that source may be.

    Well I would certainly like to think that there is something else out there and that we will one day meet departed loved ones on the other side.

  • I agree with cuddles in many respects. Many eastern philosophies hold truths that we can see in the here and now, however my position on the afterlife is agnostic.

  • Meditate most days and other days I just plain old day dream about life and death and physical and consciousness and smiles and then I like to eat some raw some not, live and breath and try not to levitate too much. Zoom.

    Jehovah Witnesses like to visit me every month or so because I love talking spiritual stuff, even though I'm a solid agnostic.

    If a raw foodist is someone that eats at least 75 percent raw then I'm a raw foodist.

    Best Wishes, Gil.

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